Personalized Ponchos




Great for golfing events, handouts for soccer moms and other sports and racing fans, you can also add promotional ponchos to a long list of grateful users who are thankful that they had their poncho - and didn't get soaking wet.  You can put your logo or custom promotional message on them, so your customers, employees or fans can be sure to be covered come wind and rain!  They are a great way of displaying your corporate identity or message, while keeping the person who's wearing it from getting too wet.  Can't find what you're looking for on this page? Use the search feature and locate more-- We have hundreds to select from!


Cobblestone Mills Standard Size Stonehouse Sweatshirt Blanket
As low as: $19.35

Tough Heavyweight 18 mm PVC Poncho
As low as: $11.61

Adult Poncho
As low as: $3.40

Rain Poncho Lightweight White
As low as: $1.14

Heavy Duty Poncho
As low as: $2.95

Cobblestone Mills Game Day Hooded Blanket™
As low as: $30.75

14 mm Medium Weight Rain Poncho
As low as: $8.17

8 mm Lightweight Budget Boosters Adult Rain Poncho
As low as: $5.59

Emergency Rain Poncho (Overseas Direct)
As low as: $0.59

Reusable Poncho (Overseas Direct)
As low as: $2.02

4-In-1 Blanket
As low as: $12.17

Rain Poncho in Golf Ball Sport Safe w/ Clip
As low as: $2.24

Rainy Day Poncho Ball
As low as: $1.29

Cobblestone Mills Deluxe Size Stonehouse Sweatshirt Blanket™
As low as: $28.17

Fold-N-Go Ponchopack
As low as: $5.28


Promotional Ponchos for Employees & Business Branding

Being outside is great when it's sunny, but it's much less fun when it's cold and rainy.  No one likes getting their clothes soaked through by the rain, but in many cases, people have good reasons to be outside when it's raining.  Any business offering promotional ponchos when it rains is certain to have tons of takers.  Custom ponchos come in both disposable and reusable versions, and each of these has its own advantages.

Disposable promotional ponchos are perfect for events with large crowds.  Sports games, outdoor concerts, and other outdoor events are the best places to use them.  People who go to these kinds of events often won't want to leave even if it does happen to rain, and they're very likely to put on a poncho if they're given one when the rain starts.  Many will even be willing to buy even promotional ponchos at a low cost, making it possible to offset the cost of the ponchos as well.  Having even a fraction of the people at any large gathering wearing logo ponchos can be a huge promotional boost, since even those not wearing them will be seeing the logo of your company everywhere around them.  Reusable ponchos have the same basic shape as disposable ones, but they're naturally far more durable.  They're more suited to be used as gifts for regular customers or as gear for employees.  Many workers have to be outside to do their jobs, and going inside when it starts raining simply isn't an option.  Often, they'll need their hands free as well, making umbrellas out of the question.  Reusable promotional ponchos will protect them from the rain while continuing to keep them in a visible uniform, advertising the companies or organizations they work for just as well as their normal uniforms do.  Survey takers, collectors for charities, and outdoor maintenance workers often have ponchos for this very reason.

Both disposable and reusable promotional ponchos are a good form of advertisement.  Disposable ones are great for large outdoor events, reusable ones are great for employees who need to work outside in the rain, and they're both great for getting your company noticed on a rainy day.


printed ponchos  



Disposable Poncho
As low as: $1.08

Sleeved Poncho In Pouch
As low as: $1.51

Disposable Rain Poncho
As low as: $1.11

Contain-It™ Rain Poncho
As low as: $1.44

The Lifesaver Poncho
As low as: $1.94

Stasher Poncho
As low as: $1.94

Travel Rain Poncho
As low as: $1.37

Disposable Rain Poncho
As low as: $1.20

The Pocket Poncho
As low as: $1.58

Disposable Raincoat Ball Key Chain
As low as: $1.47

Protective Disposable PE Raincoats with Cap
As low as: $0.50

Disposable EVA Raincoat Protective Clothing With Face Shield
As low as: $2.80

Poncho in Carabiner Case
As low as: $1.28

Disposable Poncho w/Sleeves
As low as: $1.49

Disposable Poncho and Raincoat
As low as: $0.70