Personalized Padfolios




Logo personalized padfolios make great promotional gifts customers and employees. We offer a large variety of padfolios from everyday use padfolios to high end leather executive padfolios. Give a promotional gift that will really stand out and be appreciated-- Give them a logo personalized padfolio and your logo will go everywhere they do. We offer more padfolios that can fit on this page so be sure to search for "padfolios" in the search box to the right should you not find what you're looking for on this page.


Hardcover Notebook & Pen Set
As low as: $1.53

Conclave Refillable Leatherette Journal
As low as: $4.05

DuraHyde Zippered Padfolio
As low as: $11.56

Deluxe Executive Padfolio Black
As low as: $12.09

Deluxe Padfolio Plus
As low as: $6.62

Recycle Write Notebook & Pen
As low as: $1.47

Hardcover Notebook with Pouch
As low as: $1.79

Pedova™ Zippered Padfolio
As low as: $15.65

Padova Junior Journal
As low as: $2.40

Soft Cover Journal w/ Elastic Pen Holder
As low as: $2.61

Foggia Letter Size Folio
As low as: $15.66

Sticky Flag Jotter
As low as: $1.31

Think Green Recycled Notepad & Pen
As low as: $1.11

Travel Journal with Card Pockets
As low as: $3.27

Deluxe Padfolio
As low as: $14.78



Presenting a professional image to the world is one of the most important parts of running a business. Potential customers and clients need to have confidence in the employees of the business and to know that they take their work seriously. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right promotional items for employees that will maintain this image while still effectively marketing a company. Promotional padfolios are the perfect example of how to do this well.

Padfolios of all kinds contribute a great deal to professionalism of a business. Having disorganized papers all over the place doesn't look very good, and can affect what others think of your business when they see them. This is especially true when representing your business outside the office, when all the customer or client has to see is what's immediately in front of them. Having notes and other documents neatly organized inside logo personalized padfolios shows that you have a well-run business whose employees are on the ball. Providing clients with important documents inside a logo printed padfolio can have a huge impact on how your business is perceived.

The padfolios themselves can take a variety of forms. There are different size sizes of padfolios to match with the different sizes of documents that are meant to go inside them. There are small ones intended for notetaking, letter sized ones intended for normal documents, as well as larger ones meant for things like art prints or legal documents. Each of these can be found in different types of material, from affordable vinyl to high-end leather. All of them can have the logo of your company or organization printed on them.

Personalized padfolios are an amazing way to give your business and your employees the professional image that they deserve. They'll have an absolutely priceless effect on the way that your customers and clients perceive you.

personalized padfolios  


Leather Padfolio

Foggia Letter Size Folio
As low as: $15.66

New Age Italian PU Leather Padfolio (English Tan)
As low as: $12.17

Atlantis Leather Padfolio (Black) Non Zippered
As low as: $15.39

Tuscan Leather Padfolio Black
As low as: $13.05

Pebble Grain Portfolio
As low as: $4.35

Leather Look Portfolio
As low as: $7.83

Wilshire Perforated PVC Junior Padfolio
As low as: $4.47

Eclipse Bonded Leather Zippered Portfolio With Calculator
As low as: $13.92

Deluxe Executive Vintage Leather Padfolio Brown
As low as: $18.87

Executive Stitched PVC Standard Size Padfolio
As low as: $7.07

Leather Look Portfolio
As low as: $4.79

Thompson Letter Size Folio
As low as: $20.88

Executive Leather Padfolio
As low as: $48.88

Woodgrain Padfolio With Sticky Notes And Flags
As low as: $3.92

Renaissance Zippered Padfolio
As low as: $21.74

Leather Padfolio