Personalized Beach Balls




Great for barbeque days in the park or at the beach, for corporate events and 4th of July giveaways.  Beach balls are great for fun any time of year.  You can put your logo or company message on them for indoor events like tradeshows or music events and they are especially great for outdoor good times.  They are a great way of getting your company name out there in a fun and engaging way.  Can't find exactly what you need on this page? Use the search feature to the right to find more-- We have bunches to choose from!


Personalized Beach Balls for Employees and Promotions

Good promotional items aren't limited to the home or the office.  Many companies find that targeting a fun outdoor activity can be a great advertising strategy.  It ensures that customers will see your logo while having a good time, giving them positive associations with your business.

Few other recreational promotional items are as low-cost and easily produced as logo personalized beach balls.  They have room for a fairly large logo, which can be printed on one or more of the six panels of the ball.  Many come in the traditional six colors associated with beach balls, but it's also possible to choose custom colors to match a particular logo. In addition to beach balls with solid color panels, there are also beach balls with interesting patterns or pictures on them, like beach balls printed to look like globes.

Beach balls are also significantly easier to store than many other similar items.  Items like baseballs or tennis balls always take up the same amount of space whether they're in use or not. Beach balls, on the other hand, come deflated, and only need to be blown up when used.  A large number of them can be stored in a single box, and customers who receive them can easily inflate or deflate them as needed.

This quality makes personalized logo imprinted beach balls very easy to bring to events.  They are good items to distribute in the spring or summer, especially at events that take place on the beach or in the outdoors.  People looking to have a fun time at the beach are likely to start playing with one soon after they get it, advertising to anyone in the vicinity as they do it.

Overall, giving people a fun time is a great way to promote a business.  Promotional beach balls can give them that fun time not only at an event, but any time they decide to use it in the future.

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