Personalized Back Scratchers Custom Promotional




Not only Chiropractic, Medical Practices or Massage Studios  can use custom printed back scratchers to promote their business.  They are ideal for other businesses as well.  At trade shows and other marketing promotional events or anywhere else you want to keep it light and fun, they are perfect. They are also great for a nifty employee giveaway.  They are a simple, yet effective way of sharing your corporate message, while providing a functional tool to reach that itch that's just out of reach!  If you cannot locate what you're looking for on this page, use the search feature on the page to find more promotional products-- We have many thousands to choose from!

Back Scratchers

Backscratcher w/ Shoehorn & Chain
As low as: $0.82

Back Scratcher With Shoehorn
As low as: $0.77

Easy Reach Telescoping Back Scratcher
As low as: $1.29

Extendable Backscratcher
As low as: $2.42

Scratch 'n Write Twilight - 2-in-1 Pen & Back Scratcher
As low as: $1.72

Telescopic Back Scratcher
As low as: $2.24

18" Bamboo Grill Scraper
As low as: $7.90

Back Scratcher w/Shoe Horn
As low as: $0.80

Scratch Off Cards - Golden Ticket (2"x3.5")
As low as: $0.10

3.375" x 2.125" Scratch-Off Card
As low as: $0.33

Helping Hand Back Scratcher with Shoe Horn
As low as: $0.86

LongHorn Shoe Horn
As low as: $1.44

Bamboozler Backscratcher
As low as: $1.63

19" Bamboo Wooden Back Scratcher
As low as: $1.18

6.0 x 9.0" Scratch-Off Card
As low as: $0.52

Back Scratchers

Promotional Items?  We've Got Your Back!

At some point or another, everyone's had an itch on their back that they just couldn't scratch.  Sure, you can try and scratch such an itch with pen or other nearby object, but nothing can get that an itch quite effectively as an actual back scratcher.  Promotional back scratchers give people the same ability to scratch that itch, while offering the perfect form of advertisement to many different kinds of businesses.

The back scratchers themselves are fairly simple.  However, in addition to having the logo of your business printed on them, they do have a few other customization options.  Back scratchers are produced in a decent selection of colors, and you can choose between plastic and wooden versions as well.  Most of them are also combined with another useful object, such as a shoehorn or a massage roller.  Often, they have a small loop on the end to allow them to be hung up when not in use.  This not only makes them easy to store, but also increases the frequency that the owner will see and use it.

Logo imprinted back scratchers work best for those businesses that relate to the back itself or that have many customers with limited range of motion.  Doctors and chiropractors in particular find them appropriate, especially those with a significant amount of older clients.  Similarly, many retirement homes find that back scratchers make an ideal gift for potential residents.

Getting your logo imprinted back scratchers into people's hands is fairly simple.  Doctors and chiropractors will often give them to new patients, such as those who have come in for a simple consultation.  The back scratcher serves as a good reminder that they are available to help with any back problems that may come up.  Similarly, many people check out a large number of retirement homes before settling on a specific one, and a useful, everyday gift like a back scratcher can be a good way to keep a particular one at the front of their minds.

Whether you give them to those with back problems, those with limited mobility, or just those who have the occasional itchy back, promotional back scratchers are a great way to build rapport with potential patients or customers.  They'll be reminded of your company every time they go to scratch an itch.


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