Personalized notebooks are a thoughtful promotional gift because almost anyone can use them and they are extremely useful to have around. We have a large array of notebooks to choose in many sizes, shapes, materials with pens and without pens. We can only fit so many notebooks on this page so be sure to use the search box to the right to see more if you don't see what you're looking for here.


Ambassador Bound JournalBook™
As low as: $4.41

Pedova™ Soft Bound JournalBook™
As low as: $4.24

Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Notebook Black
As low as: $17.81

The Vidalia Notebook
As low as: $1.70

Richmond Powerbank Portfolio
As low as: $28.05

Spiral Eco Notebook
As low as: $4.25

Leatherette Jotter Notebook By Trilogy
As low as: $1.61

Color Wave Notebook
As low as: $2.21

Moleskine® Hard Cover Plain Pocket Notebook Black
As low as: $12.71

Full Color Composition Notebook
As low as: $2.96

Wide Ruled Composition Notebook
As low as: $1.97

Pocket Spiral Notepad
As low as: $0.68

Moleskine® Hard Cover Ruled Large Notebook Blue
As low as: $17.81

5" x 7" Spiral Stone Paper Notebook
As low as: $2.51

Composition Notebook
As low as: $2.47



While everyone has a computer these days, good, old-fashioned paper notebooks are still widely used by a huge number of people. Because of this, promotional notebooks work very well as promotional products, particularly if they are targeted at the right group of people.

The best target for logo personalized notebooks is students, or in some cases, prospective students. Colleges and schools often sell or even give away promotional notebooks to students attending their schools, as well as to potential students they're hoping to win over. This does a great job of both strengthening school pride in those already attending, while starting to build relationships with those who are still considering their options.

Logo personalized notebooks aren't exclusive to schools, however, and companies targeting the student market use them as well. Companies interested in selling products to students benefit from the free advertising provided by having their logo on the front of students' notebooks, while companies competing to recruit interns and other future employees can benefit from having a useful gift to give potential recruits. Students always appreciate free gifts, especially of things they would have to buy otherwise, and every time they take the notebook out at the beginning of a class, both they and many other students will see the logo printed on the front.

In addition to the student market, promotional notebooks can work for other people as well. Notebooks intended for making lists are useful to any adult, and people who are given them are likely to use them for things like to-do lists or grocery lists. Workers within a business or other organization can also use them to keep track of what they need to get done.

Promotional notebooks are useful for just about everyone and they're absolutely perfect for students. Any organization looking for a promotional item that will be used consistently over a long period of time need look no further.

personalized notebooks  


Notebook Pen

The Eco Spiral Notebook with Pen
As low as: $1.44

Pedova™ Large Bound JournalBook™
As low as: $8.49

Hardcover Large JournalBook™
As low as: $5.34

The Duchess Spiral Notebook
As low as: $1.27

Pedova™ Bound JournalBook™
As low as: $7.64

Carmel Jotter Notepad Notebook w/ Pen
As low as: $1.36

Recycled Jotter Notepad Notebook w/ Recycled Paper Pen
As low as: $0.94

Curvy Top Notebook Set
As low as: $2.12

Small Recycled Notepad W/Pen
As low as: $0.72

Budget Mini Recycled Notebook
As low as: $0.64

New Wave Pocket Buddy Notebook Set
As low as: $2.55

Executive Bound JournalBook™
As low as: $3.64

Pedova™ Pocket Bound JournalBook™
As low as: $6.36

Budget Jotter with Pen
As low as: $0.81

Hardcover JournalBook™
As low as: $3.81

Notebook Pen