Whether it's hot weather, or just a really active day, having a handy bottle opener is something most any customer will appreciate.  Some people carry a bottle opener with them, making them the perfect custom promotional item for any time.  They can be given away at tradeshows, car shows, outdoor events, summer, spring winter or fall in many other venues as well!  They are an excellent way of expressing your corporate identity.  Can't find what you're looking among items showing?  Use the search feature to find more  we have thousands from which to choose!

Satisfy Your Customers With Bottle Openers

Even with the many advances we've had in bottle technology in the last hundred years, good old-fashioned bottles requiring a bottle opener are still as popular as ever.  For this reason, anyone who wants to enjoy one of these beverages will need to have a bottle opener handy when they do it. Many people carry bottle openers around with them for just this purpose.  As such, businesses that provide customers with promotional bottle openers can be sure that they'll be put to good use, particularly if they're more efficient or attractive than standard bottle openers.

The main advantage that most promotional bottle openers have over their more ordinary counterparts is easy portability.  Most promotional bottle openers are actually logo imprinted bottle opener key chains, allowing the recipient to simply attach the bottle opener to their keys and easily keep it with them at all times.  This makes carrying the bottle opener around much more convenient and the item itself much less likely to be lost.

Logo imprinted bottle openers are often also far more interesting-looking than standard ones.  They can be produced in all number of colors, as well as a ton of different shapes.  There are ones in ordinary shapes like circles, ovals, and rectangles, but also ones in more interesting and stylized shapes, such as footballs, keys, and even different types of animals.  The combination of usefulness and attractiveness makes them highly desirable as key chains, and very likely to actually be used on the recipient's keys.

You can get your promotional bottle opener keychains into the hands of customers in a variety of different ways.  The small size, usefulness, and novelty make them great as tradeshow giveaways or as rewards for loyal customers. They can also be distributed at events where beverages requiring bottle openers are being sold.  Beer companies and other makers of bottled beverages in particular can benefit from giving away logo imprinted bottle openers, as it'll mean customers seeing their logos even on those occasions when they drink products from other companies.

For as long as there are bottled beverages, people will need a practical way to open them.  Promotional bottle openers give these people the tool they need, while keeping your logo with them wherever they go.


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Bottle Opener Gifts:


Bottle Opener Coaster Set
As low as: $4.56

Triple Banger Bottle Opener
As low as: $1.51

Multi Functional Card Tool Kit Set
As low as: $0.80

Bottle Cap opener keychain
As low as: $1.64

Wrench Bottle opener
As low as: $1.69

Simplicity Bottle Opener Keytag
As low as: $2.94

Wrapped Metal Paddle Bottle Opener
As low as: $2.15

Mini Home Bottle Opener
As low as: $1.66

Magnetic Coaster With Bottle Opener Set
As low as: $9.26

Coaster With Bottle Opener Set
As low as: $8.90

Classic Plastic Bottle Opener
As low as: $1.04

Football Helmet Bottle Opener
As low as: $0.91

Extract Key Holder/Bottle Opener
As low as: $1.54

Ergo Bottle opener
As low as: $1.43

Shark Bottle opener
As low as: $1.74