Whether your guest list is large or on the smaller, more intimate scale, custom printed wedding favor gifts are available to fit nearly any budget, wedding party or guest list size.  There are so many items available to show your appreciation to those who came to your wedding or to provide a fun or memorable expression of that special day worth remembering.  Can't find the wedding favor you're looking for on this page?  You may utilize our search features above to locate the right favors for your wedding or to find other items you might need for the wedding and other upcoming special events-- We have thousands to choose from!

Wedding Favors

Digi Deck Custom Design 4CP Poker Size Playing Cards in Small Quantities
As low as: $6.05

Baronet Royal Poker Size Playing Cards w/Regular Face
As low as: $3.05

Foldable Fancy Hand Fan
As low as: $1.81

Baronet White Bridge Size Playing Cards w/Regular Face
As low as: $3.05

Traditional Bamboo Hand Fan
As low as: $2.33

Paper Folding Fan
As low as: $0.81

1.5 oz Clear Shot Glass
As low as: $1.04

4" Square Glass Coaster
As low as: $1.28

Eco-friendly Handmade Oriental Folding Bamboo Hand Fan
As low as: $0.80

6 Oz. Plastic Champagne Flute
As low as: $1.74

Water Bottle Labels - 8" x 2.125"
As low as: $0.35

Seed Paper Matchbook
As low as: $1.10

House Shaped Revolving Keytag
As low as: $1.83

Custom Label Brownies
As low as: $3.44

Tumbled Stone Coaster / Tumbled Travertine - Single Bulk
As low as: $4.35

Wedding Favors

How to Make Your Wedding Memorable with Personalized Wedding Favors

A wedding is the most important day in the life of any woman or man.  The sheer significance of this date is why so many married-couples-to-be go all out and creating the most unique, personalized, and memorable event that they can.  Every couple wants to make it clear who the star of the wedding is, and ensure that they and their guests remember the event long after it's over. However, no wedding is unique without personalized wedding favors.

Anything that can be used in a wedding can be customized, as anyone making items for weddings knows how important it is to keep a wedding unique.  The best place to start is usually with the items absolutely needed for the wedding reception, since that's such a major part of the event.  Customized wine and champagne glasses with the name of the couple printed on them are perfect for this, and they can even be purchased in stemless form to eliminate any worry about the most common form of wine glass breakage.  Custom place card holders for the name cards on the tables and personalized tea light holders for the candles on the tables are more things that can help to make the wedding reception that much more special.

Once those are taken care of, it's on to the custom wedding favors that make a wedding truly memorable. Various types of candy and special beverages are always well-received.  This can take the form of individual personalized candies or chocolates personalized chocolate kisses are especially appropriate! Other types of edible goodies range from cookies to nuts to jam, and personalized teabags in exotic flavors are also good choices.

Beauty products can also work well as custom wedding favors.  Bottles of lotion or bath products can be personalized with the name of the couple, and they'll give the guests who receive them a bit of luxury.  Just about any health or beauty product can be found in a form suitable for a small gift, so it's just a matter of choosing the one you like best.

There are truly far too many possibilities for personalized wedding favors to list all of them here.  Even the boxes, bags, and ribbons for the wedding favors can be made unique to the wedding couple.  Whatever specific gifts you decide to give your guests, personalization will ensure that your wedding will remain forever clear in their memories.


custom wedding favors  


Bride Groom Wedding

Hollywood Ice Multicolor LED Glow Cubes
As low as: $2.38

Hollywood Ice Green Glow Light Up Ice Cubes
As low as: $2.38

Stock Wedding Fans
As low as: $0.30

6 oz Black Stainless Steel Flask Set in Black Presentation Box
As low as: $14.88

Hollywood Ice Green Glow Light Up Ice Cubes
As low as: $2.27

Hollywood Ice Multicolor LED Glow Cubes
As low as: $2.28

Groom Stress Reliever
As low as: $2.14

Hollywood Ice Light Up White Ice Cubes
As low as: $2.38

Unique Jumbo Fortune Cookie Money / Message Bank
As low as: $27.19

Bride & Groom (Marriage) Weepul
As low as: $0.98

0.56 Oz. Chocolate Bride & Groom
As low as: $1.72

6 oz Tan Leather, Stainless Steel Flask Set in Black Presentation Box
As low as: $15.45

Adult Cloth Bib Singles, White with White Trim - BLANK
As low as: $9.13

Stock design adult disposable poly backed paper LOBSTER/CRAWFISH bibs, pack of 50
As low as: $0.29

Fancy Dress and Tuxedo - Cake Cutting Bibs for the Bride and Groom - Pair of bibs
As low as: $13.05

Bride Groom Wedding