Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants and Dental Staff can show your practice's professional image with logo customized scrubs. They are a great way of displaying your corporate identity to employees and staff alike, as well as your patients.  You may look further for these and other items by using the search feature located above  -- You're certain the find what you're looking for!


Landau ScrubZone V-Neck Tunic
As low as: $13.46

Couleurs Arm Sleeves
As low as: $5.97

Scrubs Notebook 5.25"2 x 7.5" h
As low as: $2.86

Cherokee Workwear Drawstring Cargo Pant
As low as: $12.69

Cherokee Workwear V-Neck Top
As low as: $13.46

Cornerstone® Reversible V-Neck Scrub Top
As low as: $14.07

Taylormade TP5X Golf Ball
As low as: $48.54

V-Neck Scrub Tunic
As low as: $12.17

WonderWink Origins Kilo Zip Front Top
As low as: $17.30

Cherokee Workwear V-Neck Tunic
As low as: $11.35

Knee High 8-15 mmHg Compression Sock
As low as: $10.56

Cherokee Workwear Revolution Mid Rise Drawstring Cargo Pant
As low as: $19.23

Dickies® EDS Collection Unisex Fit V-Neck Scrub Top Shirt
As low as: $11.44

The Unisex Alpha Top
As low as: $9.33

Grey's Anatomy 3 Pocket V-Neck Top
As low as: $21.47


Personalized Scrubs for Medical Professionals

As complex and difficult as their jobs are, doctors and nurses have some of the most basic uniforms of any profession.  Scrubs are very simple items of clothing, intended to be easy to wear and easy to clean while allowing the wearer complete freedom of movement.  No other garment fits the bill quite as well as scrubs do, which is why they're a standard sight in any hospital or clinic.  However, while plain scrubs will get the job done, promotional scrubs add an additional layer of professionalism to the wearer's appearance, as well as that of the institution using them.

Hospitals and clinics are aware of this, and many do make a point to have their doctors and nurses wear logo imprinted scrubs such as these during the workday.  This not only serves as a reminder to patients of what specific institution they are being treated by, but can also increase their perception of the competence of the doctors and nurses treating them.  While this is important in any line of work, it's especially important in medicine, where the patient's perception of those treating them can have an actual impact on the effectiveness of the treatment, as well as the decisions they make regarding their own health.  Making sure that patients know that they are in the care of an organized, knowledgeable group of people can make all the difference in the outcome of their treatment.

Custom scrubs aren't limited to hospitals, however, and many other businesses in the medical field wear them for similar reasons.  It's important that the potential customers of any medical business see its representatives as people who are knowledgeable about medicine and capable of solving health problems.  Scrubs are strongly associated with doctors and nurses, so anyone who wears them will boost others' perception of their abilities, particularly when they have the logo of a specific institution or company printed on the uniform.

While basic scrubs identify someone as belonging to the medical field, promotional scrubs associate them with a particular institution as well.  Whether it's a hospital identifying doctors to patients or a medical company identifying representatives to customers, having such an established, trustworthy uniform can be absolutely priceless.


customized scrubs  



WonderWink WonderWORK Solid Scrub Cap
As low as: $5.77

Cherokee Workwear Scrub Hat
As low as: $6.25

Surgical Cap
As low as: $5.13

Bouffant Cap
As low as: $4.84

Surgeon Cap Tie Stri
As low as: $5.64

Surgical Cap With Imprinting
As low as: $6.48

Banded Bouffant Surgical Cap
As low as: $7.70

Banded Bouffant Surgical Cap
As low as: $8.51

Scrub Cap - 1 Location Imprint
As low as: $3.48

Unisex Scrub Hat
As low as: $7.44

Cherokee Bouffant Scrub Hat
As low as: $7.70

Dickies® EDS Stretch Scrub Hat
As low as: $8.65

Dye Sublimated Scrub Cap
As low as: $10.94

Dickies® Unisex Scrub Hat
As low as: $9.24

Dickies® Unisex Fit Scrub Hat - Solid Colors
As low as: $6.60