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Building a sand castle at the park or beach is great summer fun  and so much more enjoyable and relaxing when you have a sand pail.  So, make the fun bigger by providing a custom printed sand pail with your logo or message on them and customers will remember you for a long time.  They are great advertising at parks and beach events, at spring and summer trade shows, pool and garden supply stores or anywhere you'd like to create a fun, outdoorsy theme.  Personalized sand pails are great for adults as well as kids.  Can't find what you're looking for on this page?  Use the search feature to the right to find more-- We have thousands to choose from!

Sand Pail

32oz Pail with Handle
As low as: $1.17

87oz Pail with Handle
As low as: $1.60

32 oz Bucket with Handle
As low as: $0.46

Small Sand Pail Kit
As low as: $5.59

64oz Pail with Handle
As low as: $1.34

9" Sand Pail and Shovel
As low as: $2.71

9" Pail with Shovel
As low as: $2.84

6" Sand Pail and Shovel
As low as: $1.46

87oz Glow-in-the-Dark Pail with Handle
As low as: $1.72

6" Pail with Shovel
As low as: $1.64

Mini Sand Pail with Toys and Lid
As low as: $4.16

2 oz. Shot Pail
As low as: $1.08

Sand Castle Mold
As low as: $0.78

Dolphin Sand Mold
As low as: $0.82

Hand Claw Shovel
As low as: $1.24

Sand Pail

Personalized Sand Pails For Fun Summer Branding

A day at the beach is about fun in the sun and water -- and about fun in the sand as well. No day at the beach is truly complete without building a sandcastle or burying someone in the sand. Sand pails are naturally a big part of this, and any business hoping to have a complete range of summer promotional items should put promotional sand pails at the top of the list.

Sand pails have a fairly basic, uncomplicated form, being meant for the simple task of holding sand. However, they aren't completely without variation of any kind, and it's easy to customize your logo imprinted sand pails to be distinct from anyone else's. In addition to having your company logo printed prominently on the side of the pail, it's possible to choose from several different colors for the pail as well. On top of this, many custom sand pails also come with other items typically used for digging in the sand, such as miniature plastic shovels and rakes. 5" sand pails are most common, but other sizes do exist.

Logo imprinted sand pails are appropriate for any beach event, and any company who distributes them at the beach is guaranteed to see a good number of people using them immediately. However, sand pails can also be good promotional products to give to parents and small children even in non-beach settings. Most children's playgrounds have a sandbox available for children to play in, and most parents are happy when their children receive toys that encourage them to play outside. Children are likely to use sand pails over and over again, showing off the logo of the business that gave them the pails every time they do.

Whether your targets are parents and children or just beach-goers in general, promotional sand pails are the ideal promotional item to use. They make a day out in the sun that much more fun, and they make your company logo that much more likely to be seen.


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A Great Promotional Item for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels & Beach Resorts!