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Regardless of the corporate or other business environment, your company can capitalize on branding your company into the business environment with any of these personalized portfolios.  Customized portfolios are great for taking your perceived image up a notch.  They can also be used at tradeshows, along with normal business use at meetings, seminars and special events.  They are a great way of displaying your corporate identity in today's competitive marketplace.  Can't find what you're looking for on this page?  Use the advanced search feature at the top of t his page to find exactly what you're looking to find-- We have so many options to choose from!


Arlington Wireless Charging Portfolio
As low as: $43.00

6 x9" Black Classic ValuePlus Stenofolio
As low as: $6.01

Leatherette Certificate & Diploma Holder
As low as: $7.68

Concourse Computer Portfolio - Black
As low as: $13.76

Linen paper 2-pocket presentation folder
As low as: $1.18

Notepad with Pen, Black Faux Leather, 3 1/4" x 4 3/4"
As low as: $7.80

As low as: $1.11

Black Atlantis Zippered Leather Portfolio
As low as: $19.77

1 1/2" Black Atlantis 3- Ring Leather Portfolio
As low as: $24.07

Canyon Outback Salt River Canyon Meeting Folder
As low as: $72.24

Panel Briefcase
As low as: $14.54

Midnight Camo Journal
As low as: $3.44

TEC Computer Drive and Accessory Organizer - Med
As low as: $8.20

Brown Atlantis Leather Zippered Portfolio
As low as: $19.77

9 1/2" x 12" Leatherette Rawhide Portfolio
As low as: $25.59


Logo Printed Portfolios Enhance Your Professional Image

However much we all want a paperless world, ordinary paper documents are actually more popular than ever. There are many ways of keeping these documents in order while carrying them around, but portfolios are one of the simplest and most efficient. Promotional portfolios have all of the efficiency and organization benefits of regular portfolios, but they also have the effect of giving the organizations that use them a unique marketing advantage that can't easily be achieved any other way.

Surprisingly, the reason has more to do with dress codes than with anything else. Most office environments have their workers dress in some form of business casual. This sort of dress code is great for ensuring professionalism within the office, but it also has the distinct disadvantage of making workers not immediately distinguishable from employees of other businesses. Someone who is simply dressed in a suit will need to say what company they work for if they want others to know about it. However, logo imprinted portfolios are professional enough to fit into a standard business environment with normal business clothing, while still having the effect of identifying where the person carrying it works and promoting the business itself.

This is true of any office-based business, but it also works well for any organization who would like to have their workers promoting them while away from the organization itself. Businesses who regularly send out representatives to other companies can use this as a way of easily identifying their employees to others. Colleges often give portfolios to their teachers and other employees. Charities in particular can benefit from giving these sorts of items to their workers, since it means that many people will be exposed to an ad for the charity while in the vicinity of someone who can explain more about it.

Promotional portfolios are a great way to show someone's relationship to an organization while still fitting perfectly within a professional environment. If you need a simple way for your workers to promote your organization without sacrificing their professional appearance in the process, then this is it.


promotional portfolios  


Leather Portfolios

Deluxe Padfolio Plus
As low as: $6.87

Deluxe Executive Padfolio - Black
As low as: $12.90

New Age Italian PU Leather Padfolio (English Tan)
As low as: $12.89

Eclipse Bonded Leather Zippered Portfolio With Calculator
As low as: $14.50

Pebble Grain Portfolio
As low as: $4.78

Executive Stitched PVC Standard Size Padfolio
As low as: $7.49

Oxford Padfolio
As low as: $18.92

Writer's Ringfolio - Black
As low as: $15.48

Tuscany™ Mobile Portfolio Power Bank & Pen Set
As low as: $38.64

Tuscany™ Mobile Portfolio
As low as: $24.22

Woven Leatherette Portfolios - Full Color Dome!
As low as: $7.17

Black Atlantis Leather Non Zippered Padfolio
As low as: $16.93

Leatherette Portfolios (9.5" x 12.75") - Full Color
As low as: $12.89

Leather Look Portfolio
As low as: $5.59

Rainer Leather 3-Ring Portfolio
As low as: $30.53

Leather Portfolios