Not just cocktail lounges, casinos, bars or restaurants can use logo imprinted matches to remind their customers to frequent their establishments.  If you are a restaurant supply company, a plumbing, electrical or air conditioning and heating company or are in another industry who services these retail eatery types of businesses, matches are a great idea.  Even if your business is not in these categories, personalized matches can often be a great choice for all kinds of promotions.  You can put your logo, or message on them.  They can be used at tradeshows, or at other events where you want something small to hand out.  Can't find the exact item you are looking for here?  Use the search feature to the right to find what you need-- We have thousands of items to choose from!


44" Inch Tall Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand Stainless Steel
As low as: $100.27

Short Run/Fast Turn 2" Tiffany Matchbox
As low as: $1.33

Ignite Gift Set
As low as: $11.55

20 Strike Box
As low as: $0.43

Limelight Gift Set
As low as: $32.47

FIREFLY Safety Matches
As low as: $3.76

Mini Spoon in Fishing Matchbook
As low as: $2.15

30 Strike Book
As low as: $0.48

20 Strike Matchbook
As low as: $0.26

Small Quantity 20 Strike Custom Color Matchbooks
As low as: $0.23

Safety Matches
As low as: $0.78

Three Flies in Fishing Matchbook
As low as: $2.15

Short Run/Fast Turn 3" Tiffany Matchbox
As low as: $2.02

Fire Starter Flint Match
As low as: $0.40

Printed Reusable Cotton Face Mask Protective Safety Masks
As low as: $0.86


Personalized Matchbooks for Restaurants, Casino & Other Businesses

Any business in the hospitality industry will find that having matchbooks available can be an important part of ensuring their business runs smoothly. Promotional matchbooks are the best way to give customers what they need while also doing a bit of promotion for the businesses that make them available.

Many businesses can benefit from having logo imprinted matchbooks for customers, but the ones who benefit the most by far are cocktail lounges, restaurants and bars. Customers are pretty likely to pocket the matchbook and take it home, where they'll see the logo on it every time they use the matches.

The matchbooks themselves are very easy to customize. Being made of paper, they're very easy to print on. Any kind of logo can be printed on a matchbook without any kind of difficulty, and it doesn't cost very much to do, either. Just about every bar uses logo imprinted matchbooks regardless of any other promotion they might do. They're actually so common that some people like to collect matchbooks from places they've been, which can lead to more promotional opportunities when they show them to other people.

Promotional matchbooks provide customers with something they both expect and need, while also advertising the casino, lounge or other business providing them. Any business looking to make a hospitable impression on customers should make a point to have some around.


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