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The iPad cover is a great marketing tool.  Without an iPad cover, the device can quickly become soiled and is more likely to be damaged.  But with a personalized iPad cover which has your customized logo and message, the iPad is not only protected against dirt and grime but shares your information with the public.  If you fail to find what you're looking for on this page, you may use the search feature above-- We have many to choose from!


Pike Faux Leather Case for iPad Air
As low as: $9.03

Classic SmartCase for iPad Pro 10.5" - Black (Full Color or Debossed Logo)
As low as: $16.30

iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard
As low as: $40.85

Universal Tablet Case
As low as: $21.16

Mombasa Laptop Case with Shoulder Strap
As low as: $14.19

iLuv® Simple Folio Tablet Stand
As low as: $24.94

iPad Pro 10.5" 2017 Snap In Handstrap Case
As low as: $23.50

Exec-U-Line Adjustable Tablet Stand (Imported)
As low as: $22.36

iPad Case w/ Keyboard
As low as: $42.14

Media Sleeve
As low as: $2.46

iLuv® Step Folio Tablet Stand
As low as: $20.64

Revolution iPad Case
As low as: $20.64

iBank(R) 2019 iPad 10.2" 7th Gen Rotate Leatherette Case (Black)
As low as: $12.90

Alpha™ Zip-Around Portfolio w/Tablet Case and Calculator
As low as: $33.84

Stylus Metal Pen w/ Colored Middle Ring Gift Set
As low as: $4.30


Personalized iPad Covers Make Great Customer & Employee Gifts

It's safe to say that people love their iPads. Many people do all their work on their iPads, and would be absolutely lost without them. Naturally, due to their high value, people are also extremely protective of them. Nobody wants to see their iPads scratched or otherwise damaged, and most people are willing to take steps to prevent that from happening. This gives businesses the perfect opportunity to promote themselves using promotional iPad covers.

The most common types of damage to an iPad are various kinds of damage to the surface, making iPad covers a fairly good investment when it comes to protecting them. Logo imprinted iPad covers come in different kinds of materials, but silicone is one of the most common and most effective. Silicone can be made in any color, and it resists cracking and other types of damage very well. The logo is typically printed either on the bottom corner of the iPad cover, allowing it to be seen by the person using the iPad as they are actually using it, or in a larger form on the back of the iPad, allowing those in the area to see the logo while the person is holding it. Some have the logo in both locations, maximizing the effectiveness.

Customized iPad covers are a perfect gift for customers who have iPads. They make great tradeshow giveaways, and they're always appreciated by tech enthusiasts. They can also make a great corporate gift for employees, especially those who are using iPads provided by the company. This will not only serve as a bit of advertisement when they use their iPads in public, but also help them to keep track of their iPads when they bring them to crowded events where many other people also have iPads of their own.

Promotional iPad covers serve the very useful function of protecting an iPad while simultaneously showing off the logo of your business. Whether you give them away to customers or use them to ensure the safety of your own company's iPads, your company logo will get tons of exposure.


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