National Nurses Week 2019 is a celebration of all the dedicated men and women who make our health system possible with their hard work and showing them that you appreciate all they do, not just with events and ceremonies, but a customized gift they can keep. This can go a long way as nurses have one of the toughest jobs it's possible to have. Promotional products provide one of the most simple, yet most tangible ways of thanking nurses for their service, in a way that will stick with them long after the week is over. Useful, everyday items like tumblers, or cell phone chargers and recipients love them.
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Customized Nurse Appreciation Gifts

A Bestseller - Customized Cell Phone Screen Cleaners

Whether you are a nurse staffing healthcare agency or hospital, your information will be visible in public  on this micro fiber cleaning pad for LCD cell phone screens,  anyone can be a helpful ally in getting the word out about your hospital or company.  Of the 1.2 Million customized printed promotional items that JH Studios can provide, this is our #1 selling promotional marketing item. It adheres to cell phones for convenient use and is a constant reference to your company as it's attached to the one item no one leaves their home without - their CELL PHONE...

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With customized nurse appreciation marketing items, you can show you care, encourage loyalty with your branded company information on the product. Nurses definitely need to be shown appreciation and Hospitals, Medical Groups, Nursing Homes,  and Nurse Staffing Agencies could all benefit from our customized nurse appreciation gifts.

Gifts in general are always appreciated during National Nurses Week, but custom printed items promotional items add an important personal aspect that shouldn't be overlooked. Many nurses would love to receive a free  travel mugs or messenger bags but without a message on the item linking it to nursing, the appreciation that it's meant to convey would be quickly forgotten. By including the name of your institution along with a slogan or message explicitly thanking them for their work, you can create an item that will continually remind them of the impact that they have on their patients every day. This can turn any item into a powerful motivator for your nurses, one that will last long after National Nurses Week has ended.

As far as giveaway promotional gifts go, the items themselves can be just about anything, though there are specific items that either do a particularly good job of showing off a National Nurses Week message or that are simply more useful to nurses in general.  We offer different customizable clothing categories just for nurses, like shirts, or one category that is solely scrubs specific that includes the bottom part of the uniform along with other scrub tops available, or just go straight for the scrubs bottoms. These categories are the ideal surface for a large message or design, while promotional lapel pins allow everyone to wear a National Nurses Week message easily.  Whatever items you decide to give your nurses, the important thing is to show just how much they matter. Gifts tailored specifically to your nurses at your institution are essential to any National Nurses Week celebration.

by John Holland

Customized Items To Show Appreciation

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National Nurses Week 2019

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