Nurses are the bedrock of any medical institution, and without them, it would be impossible to treat the majority of patients in need of care today.  There are all sorts of promotional gifts perfect for customizing for National Nurses Week 2020. Small, simple items styluses, neck wallets and golf-style umbrellas are inexpensive and can be enjoyed by almost anyone, and it's easy to come up with a Nurses Week slogan or design to put on the packaging.  Items like laptop bags, ice coolers, picnic blankets or tailgate chairs cost slightly more, but have the benefit of being able to be used by the recipient for years to come.
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Customized Nurse Appreciation Gifts

A Bestseller - Customized Cell Phone Screen Cleaners

Whether you are a nurse staffing healthcare agency or hospital, your information will be visible in public  on this micro fiber cleaning pad for LCD cell phone screens,  anyone can be a helpful ally in getting the word out about your hospital or company.  Of the 1.2 Million customized printed promotional items that JH Studios can provide, this is our #1 selling promotional marketing item. It adheres to cell phones for convenient use and is a constant reference to your company as it's attached to the one item no one leaves their home without - their CELL PHONE...

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Despite nurses’ essential role in the medical field, nurses can often go underappreciated during an ordinary, hectic workday, so it is essential to set time aside in to ensure that our nurses know exactly how important they are to their patients, their coworkers, and their institutions. National Nurses Week was created specifically to show them that appreciation through celebrations, speaking events, and of course, gifts. Nothing can do a better job of showing nurses all much they mean to an institution than a good set of promotional gifts. National Nurses Week simply wouldn't be the same without them.

Everyone enjoys having a party or a ceremony thrown in their honor, but the feeling lasts far longer when there is a tangible reminder of the event. A nurse who has received a physical award for their accomplishments will remember that their accompaniments are appreciated every time they look at the award, and the same goes for even simple items like National Nurses Week pens, bags, or coffee cups. Having many of these simple reminders in the middle of a trying day can be worth as much to a nurse as the actual events of National Nurses Week itself.

by John Holland

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National Nurses Week 2020

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