Does your company handle air conditioning repair?  Would you like your company to be the first one every potential customer thinks of when they need air conditioning repairs or improvements?  Promotional items are far and away the best way to make that happen.  Trying to catch potential customers at the moment they have an air-conditioning problem means competing with every other air-conditioning repair company in your area, and that can be a difficult game to win.  Promotional products, on the other hand, put your company name in front of potential customers even before they have an air-conditioning problem, giving them time to build a connection with your company well before they have to make that critical decision about who they have to call.

What's the best way to promote an air-conditioning repair service using promotional items?  Widespread giveaways to homeowners in the area you serve are one of the most effective ways to promote this type of service.  Inexpensive items that relate to temperature, air conditioning, or summer are a good way to link the name and logo of your company to the specific services you provide in the minds of a large number of people.  Promotional fans are a very good item to give away during spring or summer, and we have a good number of custom fan models that are perfect for bulk mailings.  (continued below)

Promotional products can also be a very good way to connect with the customers who do use your service.  A small gift like a boomerang or a simple weather thermometer will help to make a positive impression on new customers, and it can also help to cement your company as being their air-conditioning repair company in their minds.
 Items relating to summer, heat, or air-conditioning are great for promoting an air-conditioning repair service, but you aren't limited to those types of items by any means. JH Studios has more than 1 million products here in our promotional product collection, any of which could be the perfect item to promote your company.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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