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Whether for Business Casual Wear or Outside of Work, Screen Printed Women's T-Shirts are Always Appreciated.  From Employee Appreciation to a Board of Directors special event, or for Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness, customized t-shirts are great for promotions with your logo or company's unique message on them.  They can be used at tradeshows or even part of an employee uniform.  They are a common way of displaying your corporate identity or departmental motto or message, while giving the person who's wearing it a sense of pride.  Trying to find something a little different and not seeing it on this page?  Use the search feature from this page and find what you need for your promotion or event-- We have over 955,000 printed items to choose from!


Gildan Heavy Duty 5.3 oz 100% Pre Shrunk Cotton Seamless Rib Apparel T-Shirt
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Next Level® - Women's Ideal V Neck
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Football Style T-Shirt
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Ladies Soft Style Tee with Customizable Pocket
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Screen Printed Ladies Colored T-Shirt
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Gildan Luxe Dryblend Pre-shrunk 50/50 cotton/poly knit Moisture Wicking Jersey Sport Shirt
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Ethica unisex crewneck t-shirt
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Ethica unisex V-neck t-shirt
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Ethica unisex long sleeve t-shirt
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Ethica unisex polo
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Ethica women's crewneck t-shirt
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Hanes® Women's Relaxed Fit Jersey Tagless Crewneck T-Shirt
As low as: $6.02

Gildan® Heavy Cotton™ Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt
As low as: $3.63

Ladies V-Slub Pom Pom
As low as: $8.82

Ladies Cold Shoulder Tee
As low as: $5.81


Women's T-Shirts for Employees and Promotional Use

Anyone who makes use of promotional items will use T-shirts at one time or another.  They're simply too effective to pass up. However, when choosing promotional T-shirts, it's important not to forget about the women's version. Women make up a significant portion of the employees, volunteers, customers, and other people associated with any business or organization, and having promotional women's T-shirts for them to wear can provide a well needed marketing boost.

The most practical situation requiring logo imprinted women's T-shirts is in programs requiring some way of identifying the participants.  Schools and summer camps often have the need to identify students and campers, especially during trips to places where there may be other children.  They also need the ability to clearly identify who the teachers and counselors are to parents and children alike.  In situations such as this, logo imprinted women's T-shirts are one of the easiest ways to make it clear who is who at a glance.

In a similar way, many businesses whose employees have to deal directly with the public may find that having a uniform of logo imprinted T-shirts is an effective way to identify employees of the store to customers.  T-shirts provide a consistent, but not overly formal uniform for employees, and having women's T-shirts available for female employees ensures that every employee will be able to choose a T-shirt that fits properly.

The usefulness of women's T-shirts isn't limited to uniform or dress code situations.  Many businesses and other organizations do find them very useful as a marketing tool. Women's T-shirts can be handed out or sold at many different kinds of events, including concerts, festivals, and fundraisers.  When imprinted with a combination of the logo of your company or organization and something related to the event, many participants are likely to don the shirt immediately as a simple part of being involved in the event, allowing for limitless amounts of advertising while the event is going on.  It also makes the recipient more likely to wear the shirt in the future, as a sort of souvenir of the event itself.

Promotional women's T-shirts do an amazing job of displaying any logo to everyone who sees them.  Whether used as a way to identify the members of your company or organization or simply given as a gift to customers, they can have a profound effect on the way the public sees you.


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