Servers, Bakers, Coffee Shop Employees, Cake Designers and others can benefit your company image by dressing the part.  In the hospitality or food service industry, wearing the right uniform that fits your environment is important.  Personalized uniforms are great for business too.  Waiters and waitresses alike will appreciate a custom personalized uniform with your logo, or message on them.  If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, use the search feature above to find more-- We have many to choose from!


Recycled Full Length Recycled Bib Apron
As low as: $5.93

F10 Signature Black Bib Apron w/ 3 Pockets & Slider Adjustment
As low as: $6.69

Knee Length Apron
As low as: $6.69

Just Grillin' Apron Black
As low as: $7.64

Adult Size Adjustable Neck Apron
As low as: $2.13

Waist Aprons
As low as: $4.88

Large 2-Pocket Apron
As low as: $2.89

Gourmet Apron with Pockets (Dark Colors)
As low as: $6.79

As low as: $3.85

Port Authority® Easy Care Reversible Waist Apron w/ Stain Release
As low as: $8.49

Black Bib Apron With Adjustable Neck Strap
As low as: $5.67

Edwards Three-Pocket E-Z Slide Bib Apron
As low as: $11.82

Butcher Apron - Colors (28"x34")
As low as: $4.67

Custom 2 Pockets Apron
As low as: $1.58

Large 2-Pocket Bib Apron
As low as: $2.55


Custom Restaurant Uniforms Lift the Bar

Having well-dressed professional waiters and waitresses is one of the most important components of any successful establishment. Promotional server uniforms not only make the business as a whole look better, but also on a practical level allow guests to easily pick out a server when they need one. Server uniforms are made up of many different parts, making it easy to customize a uniform that's unique to your business.

The customization starts with the most basic clothing worn by any server. Logo imprinted server uniforms can consist of a shirt, pants, a skirt, or in some cases, even a dress. Logo imprinted uniform shirts are the most commonly used type of custom server uniforms, and they can easily be combined either with pants or skirts employees already own or with specific uniform pants or skirts. The most basic uniform of a shirt and pants is fairly standard, but many establishments do have uniform dresses for their servers instead.

There are also a number of uniform items that go with or on top of a basic uniform to make waiters and waitresses stand out even further. Promotional server vests or aprons, for instance, make servers instantly recognizable as servers to anyone who comes into an establishment. More upscale establishments often like to require that their servers wear jackets, and promotional server jackets can make it far easier for guests to pick out servers from a distance.

Promotional server hats are another tool that many businesses use to give their servers a clear and distinctive appearance. There are many different types of logo imprinted server hats available, but baseball caps are one of the more common choices for use in basic uniforms.

With so many different components available, it's easy to come up with promotional server uniforms that will fit your specific establishment. Your customers will be able to tell exactly who the servers are, and they'll enjoy their time in your establishment all the more for it.


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Men's Gourmet Lined Tuxedo Vest
As low as: $21.25

41" Umbrella w/Bow
As low as: $10.54

Port Authority® Easy Care Tuxedo Apron w/ Stain Release
As low as: $10.19

Edwards Men's Tuxedo Shirt w/ Point Collar
As low as: $20.32

Men's Martino Collection Lay Down Collar White Tuxedo Shirt - 1/4" Pleats
As low as: $18.62

Ladies Satin Collar Lined Tuxedo Vest
As low as: $21.25

Tuxedo Premium Sewn Placemat
As low as: $27.00

Riedel Black Tie Smile Decanter
As low as: $235.10

Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter
As low as: $235.10

Chef Designs Tuxedo Apron
As low as: $13.37

Snippy Black/White Cat
As low as: $8.42

Hand Held Fan W/ Man Wearing Tuxedo (Torso, Silhouette)
As low as: $0.76

6" Ruler W/ Man Wearing Tuxedo
As low as: $0.34

6" Ruler W/ Tuxedo Shirt
As low as: $0.34

12" RULER W/ Man In A Tuxedo (Silhouette)
As low as: $0.51




15" Spirit Arm Sleeve - Standard Size
As low as: $2.55

Tech Tee - American Cut
As low as: $27.42

Exclusive Disposable Non-Woven Die Cut Bib (Blank)
As low as: $0.92

Silk Road Unisex Black Vest
As low as: $17.00

Willow Pointe Men's Baby Pique Performance Polo Shirt
As low as: $15.05

Jonathan Corey Soil Release Quality Blend Pique Polo Shirt - Closeout
As low as: $2.55

24/7 by Jonathan Corey Performance Ultra-Soft Pique Polo Shirt
As low as: $13.18

Jonathan Corey Ladies' Short Sleeve Performance Oxford Shirt - Closeout
As low as: $6.80

Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
As low as: $10.19

Women's 3/4 Sleeve Button Smock (XS-XL)
As low as: $17.90

Women's 3/4 Sleeve Button Smock (2XL-3XL)
As low as: $20.59

Edwards Men's Essential Easy Fit Pant
As low as: $22.02

Edwards Ladies' Essential Pant No Pockets
As low as: $20.83

15" Spirit Arm Sleeve - Large Size
As low as: $3.25

Jonathan Corey Ladies 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Tee Shirt - Closeout
As low as: $1.70