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Programs for schools and employee health, doctors' offices, fitness trainers, spas, gyms and exercise studios could all benefit from personalized pedometers as could health oriented businesses who could also utilize them, perhaps at trade shows and other promotional events.  Custom personalized pedometers branded with your company message or logo will keep your information on the move and in front of your customers.  If you need to look further for what you need that what you find on this page, use the search feature above to find more-- We have hundreds to choose from!


Clearview Pedometer
As low as: $2.80

Fitness First Pedometer
As low as: $2.27

Smart Fitness Tracker
As low as: $12.90

Steps Sport Watch/Pedometer
As low as: $4.30

Pedometer Activity Watch
As low as: $3.78

Digital LCD Pedometer Watch In Case
As low as: $2.80

As low as: $1.42

Tap 'N Read Waterproof Fitness Tracker + Pedometer Watch
As low as: $10.41

Avis Fitness Sling Bag - Royal Blue
As low as: $7.74

Jumbo Screen Multifunction Pedometer with Clock
As low as: $4.52

Compatible USB 3D Sensor Pedometer
As low as: $21.07

Easy Read Large Screen Pedometer
As low as: $3.38

Exercise Kit w/Pedometer & Exercise Band
As low as: $7.72

Mood Pedometer Watch
As low as: $3.66

Step Hero Pedometer
As low as: $2.00


Pick Up Your Marketing Pace with Promotional Pedometers

We all know the importance of healthy exercise, but really, who has the time to get to the gym? With most people being far too busy for a set exercise routine, many are switching their focus towards maximizing the amount of exercise they get through normal, everyday activities like walking. Carrying a pedometer makes it possible to measure exactly many steps the user has taken over the course of a day, and as they become more and more widely used, many companies are creating promotional pedometers of their own to get in on the trend.

Pedometers are very simple and easy to use. Most are intended to be hooked onto an ordinary waistband. At their most basic, they simply count the number of steps taken over the course of a single day, based on an internal clock. Other pedometers allow the counter to be manually reset, starting the count over again whenever desired. Some logo imprinted pedometers also offer the option to count down from a desired total of steps instead of up. The current recommendation is that people make sure to get 10,000 steps in per day to stay healthy, and many people use that amount as their target.

Everyone needs to exercise to stay healthy, so pedometers have a fairly strong appeal among those concerned about their own health. Companies whose products or services relate to health, fitness, or weight loss can give or sell pedometers to their customers, who will then see the company logo repeatedly in the specific context of keeping track of their own fitness.

However, while pedometers are good for customers, they can also make great gifts for employees as well. Every company wants to have healthy employees, and many companies make a point to encourage employees to take care of their health by eating right and exercising on a regular basis. Distributing logo imprinted pedometers can be a strong way to encourage employees to take charge of their own health.

Promotional pedometers give users the perfect way to measure their physical activity throughout the day. They're very simple to use, making recipients likely to keep using them, and they'll think of the company who gave them the gift every time they check their daily step total.


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Pedometer Kilometer

Digital LCD Pedometer Watch In Case
As low as: $2.80

Avis Fitness Sling Bag - Royal Blue
As low as: $7.74

Deluxe Multi-Function Pedometer
As low as: $2.15

Healthy Break Kit
As low as: $18.03

Good Value® Activity Pedometer
As low as: $2.69

Rally Pedometer Watch
As low as: $24.60

Multifunction Digital Pedometer with Pocket/Belt Clip
As low as: $4.86

Multifunction Digital Pedometer with Pocket/Belt Clip
As low as: $4.86

Talking Pedometer w/ Panic Safety Alarm
As low as: $9.28

Translucent Yellow Pedometer v2
As low as: $1.98

Multifunction Digital Pedometer with Pocket/Belt Clip
As low as: $4.86

Multi Function LCD Pedometer w/ Calorie & Distance Counters
As low as: $0.97

Calorie Burn Counter/Pedometer - 3 Button
As low as: $2.97

Digital LCD Pedometer Watch In Case
As low as: $1.59

Smart Sport Bracelet/Wristband
As low as: $37.84

Pedometer Kilometer