Flying a kite can take your company's promotional marketing campaign up to the highest heights!  Kites are great for giving your advertising the lift you are looking for -- also great for internal company events, for elementary schools, daycare, and even high schools, colleges and universities.  Everybody deserves fun and who doesn't love to fly a kite?   Great for branding and promotions.  You can advertise your brand on these kites with your message or logo on them.  We have thousands to choose from, so if you cannot find something from the selection here, you can use the search feature to the right to find more or exactly what you need!


6 Piece Ppe Kit
As low as: $14.15

Diamond Kite
As low as: $2.75

Delta Dancer Kite
As low as: $2.75

The Recliner Lounge Chair w/Kite Umbrella
As low as: $60.20

The Art Delta Kiteā„¢ (36"x21")
As low as: $4.64

Advertising Diamond Kite
As low as: $0.94

Regular Diamond Kite (22"x27")
As low as: $4.56

Regular Parafoil Rectangle Kite And Nylon Bag (KIB) (30"x18")
As low as: $5.16

Stainless Dental Hygiene Kit
As low as: $5.16

Diamond-Shaped Advertising Kites
As low as: $1.17

3 in 1 Fleece Keep Warm Buddy Set
As low as: $6.16

Mini Sewing Kit
As low as: $3.14

10" x 5.25" Nylon Bag
As low as: $2.15

Blue Mini Kite in Case
As low as: $1.29

Large Diamond Kite (32"x36")
As low as: $5.77


Let Your Business Soar with Custom Printed Kites!

If you wanted to ensure that absolutely everyone in a given area would see an ad for your business, hiring a small plane to fly an ad in the sky would be the most effective way to do it. However, it would also be an extremely expensive way of doing it, and not one that is typically feasible to do more than once. Fortunately, promotional kites work on precisely the same principle as airplane advertisements, but they do so at a far better price and with significantly more opportunities for repeat advertisement than the alternative.

People on a day out at the beach or at the park will often jump at the chance to fly a kite. This is especially true of parents with children, who always appreciate having another active toy to give their children, and will also typically like having the opportunity to do something together. In many cases, the fun they have that day can translate into a general interest in flying kites on days outside, leading to the logo imprinted kite being used over and over again.

There are any number of shapes that can lend themselves to a flight-capable kite, and logo imprinted kites are no exception. It's possible to get logo kites in simple diamond and triangle forms, but it's also possible to find complex shapes intended to increase the flight capability of the kite. The better the kite can fly, the more the owner will enjoy flying it, and the more time it will spend in the air where everyone can see the logo. Many promotional kites also come with a logo imprinted pouch for storing the kite when not in use, increasing the amount of exposure to the logo even further.

Promotional kites are the perfect promotional item to distribute at outdoor events, especially those with parents and children in attendance. They'll put the logo of your company high in the sky where everyone can see it.


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