Flashlights are a fantastic advertising promotional item for any industry that needs to throw a little more light on the subject - particularly if that subject is you!  A great giveaway for emergency preparedness, recreational activities, the auto or construction industry, the electrical or plumbing trades and on and on!  Flashlights can turn on the power of your marketing and promotional advertising goals, shining the light on your brand of excellence.  Your logo, or message on them will really brighten up the stage, making you the star.  They are a great way of displaying your corporate identity or message.  If you do not see what you're looking for on this page, use the search feature to the right to find more flashlights or literally thousands of other promotional items.

Led Flashlights
Led Flashlights

Promotional Flashlights for Your Personalized Advertising

Two very important things to consider when picking a promotional item are who is going to use it, and how often they are going to see it. Naturally, it's best if the item is something your customers are likely to need and will see often. There are two rough categories of promotional flashlights, and they both meet these criteria perfectly, while each having a few extra advantages of their own.

The first and more common type is the miniature LED flashlight. These logo imprinted flashlights don't require any batteries, and they can be used indefinitely by whoever owns them. Flashlights of this kind are often combined with keychains, allowing the recipients to carry them around wherever they go. Like ordinary keychains, this means that the logo of the business on the flashlight will be seen every time the person uses their keys. However, people are much more likely to actually put an LED flashlight keychain on their key ring than an ordinary keychain, since the flashlight is very practical. Because of this, miniature flashlights can be used effectively by any type of business, regardless of the customer base.

The other type of flashlight is a little more targeted. These are the typical flashlights that most people think of when they hear the word 'flashlight'. They're much bigger than the other flashlights and can be used to illuminate a much larger area. Some of them require batteries, while others do have mechanisms to allow them to be used indefinitely without them. These flashlights are typically intended for use in activities like camping or doing home or car repairs. Most people also like to keep one or more of these on hand for a power outage or other emergency. These sorts of logo imprinted flashlights are good for businesses relating to the activities during which they're most useful. Those who like to go camping will see the logo of the business every night they're outside, while those who spend a lot of time in their cars will see it every time they look in the glove box, and so on.

When you get right down to it, promotional flashlights are one of those items that simply can't be replaced by anything else where they're needed.

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Keychain Flashlights
Keychain Flashlights