Do you provide payroll services?  Would you like more businesses and organizations seeking out your company to handle their payroll needs?  Promotional products can give you just the promotional boost you need.  It can take time for a business owner or organizational employee to decide to switch to an external payroll service, and the only way to convince them that your service is the right one is to get them familiar with your company through repeated exposure to your logo.  JH Studios maintains a stock of greater than a million fully customizable promotional items you can use to get just that exposure, including a wide range of items perfect for promoting the specific services you provide.

Given the main function of a payroll service, it's no surprise that promotional items that relate to money are some of the most effective items for promoting this type of business.  JH Studios stocks tons of logo imprinted items that relate to money in some way, including promotional piggy banks, coin holders, and coin purses.  We also carry an incomparable number of promotional office supplies and products likely to be useful to business owners and organizational employees, including promotional pens, sticky notes, and paper clip dispensers, among others. (continued below)


Any business or organization with more than a couple of people on the payroll can benefit from a payroll service, and it's fairly easy to put your items into the hands of the right people.  Trade shows and other business events will invariably have a good number of businesses that can benefit from the convenience of a good payroll service, as well as new and growing businesses that aren't quite ready for one now, but will be needing one when they get a bit larger.  These businesses are the perfect targets for payroll service promotional items.

The right promotional product can make your company the first one people think of when they decide to use a payroll service.  Whether you choose to target business owners with money-related promotional products, logo imprinted office supplies, or another kind of custom printed product entirely, JH Studios can give you exactly the items you need to reach the customers who need you.

Article by Mirtha Holland

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