Do you sell or rent office equipment?  Would you like people to come directly to your company when they need that equipment?  Promotional products are the perfect way to make that happen.  Office workers don't spend all that much time reading ads for office equipment companies, but they will spend plenty of time using promotional pens, notepads, magnifiers, and desk organizers.  JH Studios has over a million unique promotional items that you can use to put your company logo into the hands of countless potential customers, including a whole range of promotional office supplies and products that relate directly to your role as a provider of office equipment. 

Our collection of promotional office supplies is one of the most extensive online, and you'll find custom printed versions of just about every office product imaginable.  We have writing implements like promotional pens, pencils, and highlighters, as well as promotional paper supplies like notebooks and notepads.  JH Studios also carries other products commonly used in offices, such as promotional magnifiers, letter openers, and travel mugs, to name only a few.  If you're looking for promotional items for use within your own business, we also carry promotional clothing like polo shirts and baseball caps, as well as a whole array of promotional accessories like promotional lanyards, badge reels, and badge wallets.  (continued below)

Promotional products are always effective at getting a potential customer's attention, and they're especially effective when used to promote your office equipment at trade shows.  Promotional shirts and lanyards can help your representatives stand out to visitors, while items like promotional travel mugs or magnifiers are a good way to convince them to come over and see what your business has to offer.

An office equipment provider has tons of amazing promotional options available, any of which can easily get your company logo integrated into anyone's office.  Whatever items you need to increase familiarity with your brand, JH Studios is sure to have them in just the quantity you need.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Office Equipment Promotional Products