Do you run a medical spa?  Would you like your spa to be the one that everyone thinks of when they need a treatment or procedure?  Promotional items are your magic weapon!  Whether it's promotional polo shirts on your employees or a free bottle of promotional lotion after a treatment, promotional items make your customers see you not just as any random spa they happened to choose for a treatment, but as a unique brand distinctly different from other spas they could have chosen.  JH Studios stocks upwards of one million incredible custom printed products here on our site, including a whole assortment of promotional products popularly used by medical spas to promote their brands and their services.

Any of the items you find on our site can be imprinted with your spa logo, but medical spas typically have the most success with items related to the services they provide.  Promotional health and beauty products are very popular with the target market, and you'll find that even simple items like promotional shampoo, conditioner, lotion, or lip balm can have a strong impact on their recipients.  Other promotional products that encourage healthy living are also good choices, and you'll run across plenty of salad shakers, water bottles, and other similar items here at JHStudios.com.  We also carry a wide selection of promotional apparel and accessories, including items like shirts, doctor's coats, and scrubs(continued below)

Medical spa promotional items are good for targeting both potential and existing customers.  Having branded items present throughout the spa as well as on employees serves to make the experience memorable to clients, while giving them a simple gift like promotional lotion will give them a better impression of your customer service, making them more likely to return in the future.  Potential clients are just as responsive to promotional gifts, and putting your items into the hands of someone who later desires a particular treatment or procedure can mean the difference between them choosing you and choosing someone else.

To continue bringing in clients, a successful medical spa needs good branding as much as it needs good service. JH Studios has all the items you need to create a highly visible, highly sought after spa brand.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Medical Spa Promotional Products