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Whether you need bandanas for a school or social event, your sports team, civic organization, the weekend ride, a Western themed promotional event or some other advertising campaign - anyone can benefit from any of these casual and stylish bandanas.  You can personalize them by putting your logo or message on them and make an affordable, yet powerful statement.  They are a great way of displaying your club, school or corporate message.  If you need to find another product, use the search feature to the right to find more of our promotional tools -- We have over 965,000  to choose from!


"The Bandana" Headband & Neck Wear - Silkscreen (Domestic Production)
As low as: $1.64

"The Fandana™" Multi-Functional Head & Neck Wear Bandana
As low as: $1.60

Printed Square Bandana (22"x22")
As low as: $2.41

"The Cooling Fandana™" Multi-Functional Cooling Head & Neckwear Bandana
As low as: $1.90

Big Doggy Bandana
As low as: $1.34

Large Pet Bandana
As low as: $1.38

Large Square Bandana
As low as: $2.28

Cooling Neck Wrap - Customize with ANY design!
As low as: $2.37

Huggle-Quick Ship, Printed in the USA
As low as: $3.44

NEW & IMPROVED - CooLooP Cooling Scarf / Neck Cooler / Cooling Towel
As low as: $1.37

L'il Doggy Bandana
As low as: $1.12

"The Cooling Bandana" Headband and Neck Wear
As low as: $1.94

"The Fandana™" Multi-Functional Head & Neck Wear Bandana (10 to 15 Days)
As low as: $1.55

Small Pet Bandana
As low as: $1.21

Yowie® Express Multi-Functional Rally Wear
As low as: $1.47


Personalized Bandanas for Promotions and Special Events

One important trait shared by the best promotional items is versatility. The more possible situations there are in which the item can be used, the more opportunities there are for people to be exposed to the logo on the item. Promotional bandanas are a good example of an item that has both a main use and many potential smaller uses for the people who receive them.

The most common use of a bandana in to simply wear it on the head. This is great news for any company using logo imprinted bandanas, since their logo will be right there in the eye line of everyone in the area of the person wearing it. People who wear bandanas usually like to have interesting patterns available, and in many cases simply having a logo repeated all over the bandana is enough to produce a very interesting visual effect. This not only serves to ensure that it will be worn repeatedly, but also increases the odds that it will attract the eye of people who see it.

Bandanas aren't worn exclusively on the head. Many people wear them around the neck or in other ways as well. This makes the bandana very versatile as an accessory, because the person wearing it isn't limited to wearing it in one specific way. However, bandanas don't even necessarily have to worn to be useful. Bandanas can also do anything that ordinary cloth can do. They can be used as handkerchiefs or for cleaning things up. They can be used to cover things, or as an impromptu wrap for other items, like candy. Companies distributing multiple small promotional items can even wrap them up in a bandana instead of putting them in a bag. If done properly, this can make a very stylish and unique impression.

These are really only a few of the possible uses of promotional bandanas. People find new and interesting things to do with them all the time. If you get bandanas imprinted with the logo of your business into the hands of customers, you can be sure that they'll find their own uses for them as well, and that they'll see that logo over and over as they do it.


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