Do you provide junk removal services?  Would you like everyone in your service area to think of your company when they have junk they need hauled away?  Make promotional items the cornerstone of your next marketing campaign! Promotional products can be seamlessly integrated into the very fabric of your business, whether it's in the form of custom printed polo shirts and clipboards for your workers, logo imprinted travel mugs for customers, or even simple stress relievers for potential clients.  JH Studios has an enormous selection of over one million different promotional products available for imprinting with your logo or custom design, including an incredible range of bulk items perfect for advertising your junk removal company.

Some of the best promotion for a junk removal service can actually come directly from your own workers simply doing their jobs.  A solidly branded uniform that includes items like promotional polo shirts, bulk baseball caps, and logo imprinted jackets turns your workers into highly professional-looking representatives of your company, broadcasting your business name and services to everyone who sees them hauling away a neighbor's unwanted junk.  Having them use promotional pens, clipboards, customized bulk lanyards, and other items while they work adds to the effect even more, while having them give away simple items like promotional bulk calendars or stress relievers can go a long way toward building friendly relationships with customers. 

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Nearly any low cost promotional item can make a good giveaway for a junk removal company, and small, lightweight items make a good addition to any mailing campaign advertising your services.  People are much more receptive to companies that provide them with something useful as part of their advertising efforts, and people are less likely to blindly throw away mailed advertisements that have a physical object inside of them.

Promotional products allow you to get the most out of your everyday marketing efforts.  Whether you're looking for items for your employees, your customers, or potential customers in your area, JH Studios has over a million possible products you can put to work spreading the word about your company's services.

Article by Mirtha Holland

Junk Removal Promotional Ideas