Would you like a way to get more potential renters interested in your furniture rental company?  Promotional items could be just the marketing tool you've been searching for.  A simple item like a stress reliever or notepads can put your company name in front of potential customers day after day, week after week, getting them familiar with your business and what you have to offer.  JH Studios is home to an expansive collection of over 1,000,000 custom promotional products you can use to make your company the go-to furniture rental source for everyone in your service area.

Any of JH Studios' products can be custom printed with your company logo and used to promote your rental service to customers, but items that are commonly used in the home or office are especially good choices depending on the types of customers you typically rent to.  Office supplies like pens or highlighters are a good way to give your company a presence in potential customers' offices.  Promotional clothing is ideal for giving your furniture delivery personnel a professional, uniform look, and you'll find plenty of great potential choices in our promotional apparel section.

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Promotional products are an extremely effective way to draw in new renters, and they can also be used to increase repeat business as well.  It's fairly common for businesses to need to rent furniture on multiple occasions, and giving each customer a promotional product when they rent from you can be a good way to encourage them to choose your company again the next time they need furniture.

The best promotional methods are the ones that give your company a permanent place in a customer's mind.  If you'd like your furniture rental company to be the one that immediately leaps to mind when a potential renter needs furniture, we have a practically endless supply of products that can make that happen.

Article by Mirtha Holland

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