Are you a financial planner?  Would you like people to think of you when they need financial planning assistance?  Their money of course, and piggy banks are an obvious choice.  Yet we have so many many promotional items available and that's good news as people ignore traditional ads all the time, but they'll eagerly use promotional items like pens and stress relievers when provided with them.  If you'd like to have the ability to prime potential customers with your logo and contact information before they're even aware they need your services, JH Studios has over one million products that can give financial plannes just that ability.

Promotional coin storage banks, coin holders, and cell phone wallets are all good examples of this, and they all have the advantage of putting your business name in front of potential customers when they're actually thinking about money.  Promotional product items that people use at their desks or while paying bills are also popular, such as promotional notepads, magnifiers, and travel mugs.  Any of the one million products you'll discover on our website can be custom imprinted with the logo of your financial planning service or promoting your business. 

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Promotional products are perfect for targeting large numbers of potential customers with your business name and contact information, particularly if done in a way that encourages them to think about the services you provide.  Offering potential customers logo imprinted travel mugs or other gift if they answer a few basic questions about their financial needs or desires can often lead to a new client.  Every time someone uses one of the promotional products you gave them, your company's significance will grow a little in their mind.

A useful promotional product can do more to make people aware of your financial planning service than a thousand traditional ads.  If you're searching for products that will really connect with your potential clients, JH Studios has plenty to offer.

Article by Mirtha Holland

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