Do you own or operate a driving school? Would you like more ways to reach non-drivers with your services? Lead your next marketing campaign with promotional products! Unlike other types of advertisements, promotional products tell recipients about your company over and over every time they interact with it, giving the name of your company ample time to sink in. Items like car-shaped stress relievers don't cost much to distribute, but they'll get potential customers seeing the logo of your driving school again and again. JH Studios has tons of driving and car-themed items among our selection of greater than one million promotional products, making us the perfect place to start work on your next campaign.

In addition to car-shaped stress relievers and other car-themed items like key chains, we also carry a number of automotive promotional products that can be used giveaways for parents of potential teenage driving students. Items like car air fresheners are ideal for this, as are items that typically go in the glove box like flashlights or emergency multi-tools. School and office supplies like notebooks and pens are also good choices. Promotional apparel and accessories can also be a good investment, particularly promotional jackets or badge reels for instructors.  (continued below)

Driving schools typically use promotional items to achieve multiple promotional goals. Ensuring that both the cars and the instructors represent the school to everyone who sees them is one of the most common functions of driving school promotional products, as well as one of the easiest to implement. Promotional products can also be used as giveaways for the parents of teenagers or for older non-drivers to make them aware of the school.

Promotional products are one of the easiest ways to ensure long term exposure to the name of your driving school. If you'd like your school to immediately jump to mind whenever a potential student thinks about learning to drive, JH Studios has the products that will make it possible.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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