Even college event ideas need a boost from time to time and today's college coordinators make heavy use of promotional products for both name recognition and fundraising.  It's hard to find a college that isn't filled with students who have made logo imprinted sweatshirts, hoodies, or baseball caps a part of their regular wardrobe, or where logo imprinted pens, pencils, and notepads aren't a common sight in classrooms and faculty offices.  JH Studios has all of these items and countless others here among our collection of over one million logo imprinted products.

Colleges of all kinds use promotional products from nearly every category listed on our site.  Promotional clothing like sweaters, jackets, and athletic clothing is extremely popular with students and their families, with promotional accessories like backpacks, wallets, umbrellas, and lanyards also being common favorites.  Our promotional school and office supplies are a natural fit with a college environment, and you can find everything from pens and highlighters to binders and notebooks here at JH Studios.  We also carry a number of items that are popular both with students and as souvenirs with families or visitors, including key chains, travel mugs, and water bottles. (continued below)

Promotional products are integral to the marketing and support of nearly every college. Most colleges provide prospective students with a few promotional products when they first visit, and many also provide new students with items like promotional pens and notebooks during orientation and ordering them printed can be as inexpensive as wholesale.  Promotional bulk items are also a highly profitable staple for college bookstores, and they can also generate a good deal of money at college events or fundraisers.  Students, alumni, and their families are always eager to use college-branded products, and they're very willing to pay money to get them.

There are a practically endless variety of promotional products in use by colleges today, and they're bringing greater fundraising and marketing benefits each and every day.  If you'd like to have the fullest possible number of options for your college's promotional products, you needn't look any further than JHStudios.com.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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