Chef Uniforms Custom Personalized




Chefs, cooks and kitchen workers will appreciate customized uniforms, personalized with your restaurant, club or casinos' corporate identity.  When you brand your employee uniforms you will have that professional look you need!

Chef Coats

Waiter's Friend Corkscrew
As low as: $2.82

Morocco Three Quarter Sleeve Chef Coat
As low as: $30.61

White Swan Five Star Chef Apparel Short Sleeve Chef Jacket
As low as: $18.06

White Swan Five Star Short Sleeve Executive Chef Coat
As low as: $22.82

Unisex Chef Work® Morocco Chef Coat
As low as: $27.84

Edwards Unisex Short Sleeve Chef Coat
As low as: $17.32

10 Button Classic Short Sleeve Chef Coat
As low as: $14.34

Chef Designs Eight Pearl Button Black Chef Coat
As low as: $26.77

Unisex Short Sleeve Colored Chef's Coat (XS-XL)
As low as: $22.48

Dickies Chef Wear Cool Breeze Chef Coat
As low as: $23.29

Women's Chef Works® Springfield Chef Coat
As low as: $31.32

White Swan Five Star Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Chef Coat
As low as: $19.48

Dickies® Chef Wear Classic Eight Button Chef Coat
As low as: $16.92

Five Star Chef Apparel Moisture Wicking Side Panel Snap Front Chef Coat
As low as: $25.19

Black Full Sleeve Plastic Button Chef Coat
As low as: $21.47

Chef Coats

Personalized Chef Uniforms

Every restaurant needs a chef, and every chef needs a uniform.  Cooking large quantities of food day in and day out is hard, messy work, and chef uniforms are the only clothes built for the job.  With promotional chef uniforms, every chef or sous chef in your restaurant will not only be properly outfitted for the job they need to do, but also for representing your restaurant as well.

A basic chef's uniform consists of several different parts, and logo imprinted chef uniforms are no different.  The classic chef's coat is the most important part of the uniform, and logo imprinted chef coats declare exactly who the chef is and where they work.  Chefs coats aren't the only part of the uniform that can be customized, however, and logo imprinted chef hats also make a great addition to any restaurant kitchen.  For those interested in the full, classic chef look, custom chef pants can be used to complete the ensemble.

Personalized chef uniforms not only give the staff of any restaurant a more professional appearance, but also have a great deal of practical value in the kitchen as well.  Working in the kitchen of a restaurant is a very messy job, as well as one that generally involves dealing with open flames, sharp objects, going in and out of refrigerators and freezers, as well as many other factors that require good, sturdy clothing to prevent injuries-- or even just to avoid having kitchen workers perpetually staining, ripping, or otherwise damaging their clothing.  Chef uniforms also often have other useful features, such as pockets in convenient places, making it easier for the wearer to keep track of things while running around a busy, hectic kitchen.

Promotional chef uniforms give kitchen workers the clothing they need to do their jobs, while also ensuring that they'll look good doing them.  You'll find them in the kitchen of any successful restaurant.


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