Do you own or operate a carpet cleaning service?  Would you like your business to be the first one that people in your area think of when they have a carpet in need of cleaning?  Promotional products are the solution. Successful carpet cleaners use a wide range of promotional products to get the name of their service in front of potential customers.  Many potential customers only start thinking about using a carpet cleaning service after receiving a promotional stress reliever, promotional cleaning cloths, or other handy item that they use on a regular basis. Items like back scratchers, coasters, car air fresheners, candy or mints can be good too.

JHStudios.com has a selection of over one million handy products that can be imprinted with the particular logo of your carpet cleaning service, so it's possible to find something for just about any promotional theme you might like to use.  However, items that relate to cleaning in some way can be part particularly effective in promoting a carpet cleaning service, making products like promotional laundry bags, sponges, or cleaning cloths especially good choices.  People who are performing a cleaning task are more likely to be thinking about the overall cleanliness of their homes at that moment than at other times, making it an ideal moment to expose them to your logo or even a slogan encouraging them to remember to have their carpets cleaned.  (continued below)

Promotional products are very versatile, and it's fairly easy to get them into the hands of potential customers.  For carpet cleaners looking to draw in new customers, giving away inexpensive promotional items like laundry bags or other cleaning supplies to homeowners in the area can be a great way to get the word out about your company or use our advanced search feature to find exactly what you want.  However, the customers who are using a cleaning service for the first time are an even better target for promotional products.  Many people only initially hire a cleaning service to deal with a particularly dirty carpet or one that's been recently stained.  By providing them with a small promotional gift that they see regularly, they can be encouraged to hire your service more regularly, and at the very least to remember the name of your service for the next time they need you.

You won't find a better, more consistently effective method for promoting a carpet cleaning service and promotional products. JH Studios has everything you need to make your name synonymous with clean, beautiful carpets. 

Article by Mirtha Holland


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