Maintaining a solid public image is essential for any bank or credit union hoping to gain and retain customers.  Bank customers want the bank they choose to be responsible and trustworthy enough to handle their money, and successful bank marketing methods should demonstrate these qualities to customers whenever possible.  If you'd like to show customers that your bank or credit union is different from all the rest, promotional products are the best way to do it.

Why?  Because promotional products build a much stronger connection with those who receive them than any other type of advertisement.  People are always going to have more positive feelings about an institution they've received a gift from, even if it's only a small one like a key chain, notepad or pen.  They'll also see the name of your bank or credit union every time they use the item you gave them, reminding them of your institution in a positive context.  (continued below)

What sorts of promotional products do we carry for banks and credit unions?  JH Studios has products of all kinds, including items typically targeted at potential bank customers as well as ones used within banks themselves.  Promotional piggy banks, coin holders, and other money-related products are very popular promotional gifts for new or potential customers, and they help to create an association between your institution and the idea of saving money in the minds of the recipients.  Our custom checkbook covers are very commonly used to brand the standard items given to those who open new accounts, while our promotional pens, notepads, and calendars are very popular with both new and existing customers.

There are countless ways that you can use promotional products to make the right impression on customers, and you'll find more than one million possibilities here among our selection.  If you're looking for quality custom printed products for your bank or credit union, you're sure to find them here at JHStudios.com.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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