If there's any industry that understands the importance of getting and keeping customers, it's the airline industry. Every airline is struggling to find new customers, and convincing frequent fliers to stick with a particular airline is more important than ever before. If you'd like travelers to think of your airline first every time they travel, you need to make a strong, positive impression on every passenger, and our promotional products can help you do it.

There are so many aspects of air travel that can make or break a passenger's experience, including everything from the food to the noise level in the cabin. Providing something as simple as a pair of promotional ear plugs or a promotional sleep mask to each passenger is a small expense, but one that can mean the difference between a nightmarish trip and a comfortable one for many passengers. Promotional mints or other types of promotional candy can give passengers something pleasant to enjoy during a long flight, while promotional gum can be a big help to passengers dealing with ear pain near the beginning of the flight.  (continued below)

While creating a pleasant experience for every passenger is key to ensuring repeat passengers, rewarding frequent travelers is also an important priority. Nearly every airline has its own reward system, with promotional products playing a key role among the available rewards. Extra miles or other services are good, but only promotional products can strengthen your relationship with customers even when they aren't actively thinking about flying. A rewards program can include just about any item, but items like travel alarm clocks, leather travel wallets, and other items useful to travelers are always good items to include. For the most frequent fliers, golf clubs, grills, and other high ticket items are good options to have available, and they can be customized with the name of the recipient as well as your logo if need be.

Whether you're trying to create a good experience for all passengers or reward the loyalty of your most frequent ones, promotional products are an excellent way to do it. JH Studios has more than one million products available for customization, so no matter what your airline needs, we can provide it.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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