Personalized Chocolate Bars




There is nothing which shows that you deserve attention like chocolate.  Personalized chocolate bars does its magic for companies as well as it does for individuals and is great for all times of year.  You can place your logo, or custom message on all kinds of chocolate products.  If you cannot find exactly what you're looking for on this page, please try the search feature that you find above-- We have thousands of options to choose from!


Custom Molded Wrapper Bars 1 Oz.
As low as: $1.19

Custom Molded Wrapper Bars
As low as: $1.63

Overwrapped Hershey® Bar
As low as: $1.84

Wrapped Premium Chocolate Bar - Small
As low as: $1.09

1.5 Oz. Milk Chocolate Bar
As low as: $1.58

2 Oz. Milk Chocolate Bar
As low as: $1.45

Custom Single Individually Wrapped Chocolates
As low as: $0.45

Custom Wrapped Assorted Miniature Candy Bars
As low as: $0.40

Milk Chocolate Bar - 1oz.
As low as: $1.45

Wrapped Premium Chocolate Bar - Large
As low as: $1.79

1.44 Oz. Chocolate Business Card Bar
As low as: $1.76

Hershey Miniature Singles
As low as: $0.54

2.25 Oz. Full Color Chocolate Bar
As low as: $1.47

Wrapped Hershey's Miniatures (3 Oz.)
As low as: $0.51

Custom Single Individually Wrapped Hershey Mini Chocolate Candy Bar
As low as: $0.45


Personalized Chocolate Bars Sweeten Up Your Customers

Whether given in small snack sized pieces or elaborate tiers of boxes, if there's one thing that's almost universally welcomed as a gift, it's chocolate. Chocolate is an appropriate gift at every major holiday and on most other occasions, too. Any form of promotional chocolate will be enjoyed by the recipient; however, promotional chocolate bars have some of the best possibilities for packaging and branding of any chocolate promotional product.

The customization options start with the wrapper. It's very simple to arrange for the logo of your business to be imprinted on the wrapper of a custom chocolate bar, making it unique to your business. However, the printing options aren't limited to a simple logo. Many custom chocolate bar wrappers also have full-color printing options as well, allowing you to choose a completely custom design for what appears on the wrapper. This means that not only can you put the logo of your business on it, but also customized artwork and even custom messages. This can be especially useful during the holiday season, when you might like to say something like "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Holidays!" on the packaging along with your logo.

This is a fairly impressive amount of customization, but it doesn't stop there. Custom promotional chocolate bars can also literally be stamped with the name or even logo of your business on the chocolate bar itself. Customizing the chocolate this thoroughly can have a powerful impact on how the recipient perceives your business.

These customized chocolate bars offer tons of opportunities for possible distribution. They make great gifts for customers on holidays, particularly Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, where candy is an expected part of the holiday. They are also fairly memorable as tradeshow giveaways, especially if they've been fully customized.

Whatever occasion you choose to hand out your promotional chocolate bars, you can be sure that they'll make a strong impression on the recipient. Few other chocolate promotional items show the professionalism of your business quite this strongly.


custom printed chocolate bars  


Chocolate Bar Gourmet

Godiva Basket
As low as: $78.26

Snack Gift Basket (Assorted)
As low as: $50.98

20 Piece Decadent Truffle Box
As low as: $33.96

Christmas 3-Box Tower w/Brownies & Cookies (Christmas Tree Box)
As low as: $49.26

Holiday 3-Box Tower w/ Brownies & Cookies (Forest/snowflake Box)
As low as: $49.26

Golden Gourmet Food Gift
As low as: $127.50

VIP Holiday Spectacular
As low as: $153.00

Wine Lover's Gift Basket
As low as: $127.47

California Snack Cooler Gift Set (Blue)
As low as: $33.65

Sparkling Celebrations Gourmet Basket
As low as: $170.00

Bon Appetit Kosher Gourmet Gift Basket
As low as: $68.00

Italian Wine & Gourmet Gift Basket
As low as: $168.58

6 Way Deluxe Gift Tin with Chocolate Bar - Gourmet Treat Selection
As low as: $42.05

1 Oz. Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
As low as: $1.45

Silver Business Card Box w/ 1 Oz. Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
As low as: $3.06

Chocolate Bar Gourmet