Wine distributors.  Renowned Vineyard Tasting Rooms.  Grocery Demo Stands. Weddings.  Jubilee Anniversary Events.  Whether it's in the South of France, Napa Valley, or the many other new locations becoming known for exquisite wines or at a private or civic event,  having customized corkscrews for one's guests only adds to the quality of the event while provides an opportunity to parade your company logo or celebratory message.  They are a classy way of showing your identity.  Looking for other corkscrews? Use the search feature on the sidebar or at the top of this page to find more from our vast inventory.  We have hundreds!


Waiter's Wine Opener
As low as: $2.82

Double Hinged Wine Key Corkscrew
As low as: $3.31

The Mixologist Dream Kit
As low as: $20.64

Corsica - Wine Basket w/Cheese Service & Corkscrew
As low as: $46.87

Waiter's Knife
As low as: $1.72

Verona Wood Wine Opener
As low as: $4.54

Tuscany Wine Opener
As low as: $2.55

Plastic Pocket Corkscrew
As low as: $0.86

Corkscrew Wine Opener
As low as: $0.73

Napa Wine Opener
As low as: $3.44

Sonoma Wine Opener
As low as: $2.28

Bosco Steel & Wood Bar Tool
As low as: $7.74

9 Function Pocket Knife Keychain
As low as: $4.47

Accio 3-Function Bar Tool
As low as: $3.35

Elite Wine Opener
As low as: $2.03


Personalized Corkscrews Can Keep Your Business on the Top Rack

Out of all the drinks you can have with a nice meal, wine is by far one of the most relaxing and enjoyable.  Most people choose wine to drink when going out for a fine dinner, as well as when actually holding one themselves.  However, a bottle of wine can't open itself, and anyone hoping to serve one will need to have a corkscrew handy.  A good number of businesses create promotional corkscrews for just this reason, either providing them to key customers or using them within the business itself.

A logo imprinted corkscrew can be a very fine gift, particularly if presented with an actual bottle of wine to go with it.  It has a very clear use, making it unlikely to be thrown away, and this becomes even more true once the recipient has actually used it to open a bottle of wine.  Logo imprinted corkscrews intended to be used as gifts can be purchased either alone or as a part of actual wine sets with other wine-related tools.  These sets typically come stored in custom high quality boxes for maximum impact on the recipient.  The actual corkscrews in these sets usually have a stainless steel handle, while individual corkscrews sold outside of sets have either a plastic handle or a stainless steel one.  Promotional waiter's corkscrews are extremely durable and efficient, and despite what the name might imply, they can be appreciated by both waiters and non-waiters alike.

However, restaurants are one of the most frequent users of corkscrews, and engraved or logo imprinted waiter's corkscrews can also add a special touch to those who like to uncork bottles of wine in front of their customers.  Every customized element in a restaurant contributes to both the atmosphere and the memorability of the experience for patrons, increasing the association between the enjoyable meal they had and the restaurant itself.

Whether given as a gift or used to serve wine, promotional corkscrews are an elegant way to make an impression on your customers.  Those who see them will come to associate your business with some of the best things possible: a bit of wine and a nice meal.


custom corkscrews  

Corkscrew Sets:

Corkscrew Sets

Brava Wine & Cheese Set Thermal Insulated Compartment
As low as: $32.13

Penn Valley BBQ / Cooler Bag
As low as: $46.44

Merit Cocktail Tool Roll-Up Travel Pack
As low as: $31.27

Picnic Backpack for 4 with Cooler
As low as: $65.00

Wine & Cheese Cooler Tote
As low as: $23.21

Entertainer Wine & Cheese Board
As low as: $23.21

Boothbay 2 Person Picnic Basket
As low as: $34.95

Pulltap's® Original Corkscrew
As low as: $4.73

Malibu - Picnic Tote w/Deluxe Picnic Service for 2 - Solid Colors
As low as: $66.87

Houndstooth Picnic Cooler for Two
As low as: $41.78

As low as: $51.82

Heritage Supply Tanner Insulated Wine Kit - Charcoal Heather
As low as: $14.62

Normandy Swivel Base Cheese/Wine Set
As low as: $37.84

Belgio Coasters and Wine Opener Set
As low as: $7.08

Vineyard 4-Piece Picnic Gift Set
As low as: $9.89

Corkscrew Sets