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Those in Medium to High-End Retail Establishments from Florists and Coffee House Employees to Cake Designers and Auto, Electronics or Furniture Sales or any job with high public visibility could all enhance the top drawer appeal of your business by wearing a personalized logo embroidered dress shirts.  Shirts are great for promotions too.  You can embroider your logo, or message on them.  They are a great way of displaying your corporate brand. Still can't find the shirt you need? The search feature to the right can help-- We have many to choose from!

Embroidery Dress Shirts

BIGBANG® Super POP Easy-Care Men's Long Sleeve Twill Shirt
As low as: $17.07

Men's Pocketed IL-50 Polo Shirt
As low as: $18.06

Peter Millar Solid Cotton Lisle Polo Shirt
As low as: $76.54

BIGBANG® Super POP Easy-Care Women's 3/4 Sleeve Twill Shirt
As low as: $17.07

Ralph Lauren®® Core-Fit 60's Broadcloth Shirt
As low as: $76.97

BIGBANG® Super POP Easy-Care Men's Short Sleeve Twill Shirt
As low as: $17.07

BIGBANG® Super POP Easy-Care Women's Long Sleeve Twill Shirt
As low as: $17.07

Men's Techno Classic Oxford Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
As low as: $23.65

Men's Tri-Mountain Gold™ Blake Dress Shirt
As low as: $42.57

Youth Soft Touch Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt
As low as: $8.59

Women's Lilac Bloom® Taylor Striped Dress Shirt
As low as: $25.37

Men's Pocketless IL-50 Polo Shirt
As low as: $17.19

Men's Untucked Fit Crossweave Woven Shirt
As low as: $22.35

Ladies' Short Sleeve Cotton/ Poly Oxford Shirt
As low as: $21.49

Carhartt Force® Ridgefield Solid Long Sleeve Shirt
As low as: $45.32

Embroidery Dress Shirts

Embroidered Dress Shirts Enhance Your Company Image

For a business to successfully draw in and retain customers, presenting a professional image to the world is absolutely essential. If your employees don't look professional, people may begin to wonder whether trusting your business is a good idea. Fortunately, promotional dress shirts make it easy for your employees to give customers exactly what they'd like to see.

Logo embroidered dress shirts are a fairly common uniform in stores and other businesses where employees are regularly seen by the public. As a uniform, they're ideal for this purpose. Dress shirts can be used in both formal and informal situations. For employees to look a little less formal and more inviting, they can simply wear the shirts paired with jeans or khakis. Those in managerial positions or those simply looking for something a little less casual need only add a tie or a jacket . They'll still be wearing the uniform representative of the business, and will be easily identifiable to customers.

There are countless different types of dress shirts available for customization. The embroidery size is usually big enough to be recognizable, but not so big as to take away from the appropriateness of the shirt. It's possible to get logo embroidered dress shirts in any color, making it easy to match the look of your employees to the look of the business as a whole. Both men's and women's versions are available, and it's possible to find button-down shirts in long-sleeved, short-sleeved and three-quarter sleeved versions as well.

Overall, promotional dress shirts can have a huge impact on your employees' ability to make a professional impression on the customers they serve. There are many different options to choose from, more than enough to allow any business to find the perfect look for its employees.


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