Are you a beer or beverage distributor? Would like to have more retailers selling more of your preferred products?  Our promotional products can make it happen.  JH Studios has a huge selection of more than a million custom promotional items that distributors all over the country have used to gain new clients and increase sales of key products.

Which of our products are most popular with beverage distributors?  Promotional ice buckets and beer buckets are always highly sought after, and promotional sand pails are almost as popular. Buckets provide an excellent surface for custom printed designs and logos, and we have very extensive customization options available for customers to choose them, up to and including full-color advertisements printed on the side of the bucket.  Promotional ice buckets and beer buckets advertising specific brands or products are very popular, and even a small number of buckets can have a fairly strong impression on a large group of people. 
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In addition to products that directly promote products or brands in and of themselves, JH Studios also has a number of products that many distributors use to encourage retailers to emphasize particular products or product lines.  Many offer high-quality promotional products to retailers who order a certain amount of a particular product within a particular time frame or who meet other distribution goals.  JH Studios has a huge number of quality products ideal for this sort of rewards program, including everything from electronics to appliances to wine sets and other recreation products.  The item itself is a very strong encouragement to keep up a strong sales effort, while the logo printed on it will always remind them that they got the item due to a strong relationship with your company.

Whether you're looking for promotional ice buckets, beer buckets, or another custom product entirely, JH Studios can supply you with exactly what your beverage distribution company needs to succeed.  There's no better promotional product company anywhere else on the Internet.

Article by Mirtha Holland


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