Are you in the mortgage industry? Have you been searching for more ways to let potential customers know who you are and how they can benefit from using your services? JH Studios has what you've been looking for! With a promotional product selection containing more than one million fully customizable items, you'll find plenty of ways to make your mortgage company anyone's first choice.

Why should you market your mortgage company with promotional products? The reason is very simple: the long term impact. Ads fade from people's minds almost immediately; if someone isn't actively thinking about financing, refinancing, or other loan-related issues, they aren't likely to retain the name of a mortgage company easily. Additionally, many people who need these services aren't even necessarily aware of who provides them or how to get them. (continued below)

Promotional products give your company logo significantly more time to make an impression on the recipient, simply by exposing them to your logo every time they make use of the product. Slogans that describe your services in simple, jargon-free terms like 'lower your mortgage rate' can help potential customers connect your company to actual problems they need solved, increasing the likelihood that they'll actually think of you in relation to those problems.

Mortgage brokers have tons of amazing options when it comes to promotional products. Naturally, items relating to houses or money in some way are especially effective. House-shaped items like stress relievers or notepads work well at building the connection to housing, while money-related products like promotional coin holders, piggy banks, and other coin storage banks are a good way to link your company with the idea of saving money. Our house-shaped coin banks combine the best of both worlds, and they're very popular for just this reason.

Whatever items you choose, we can customize it with the logo of your mortgage company, as well as any slogans you desire. Target your items at the right people and you'll never have to fear a shortage of customers.