Flooring companies often face one simple challenge when it comes to marketing -- namely, reaching customers who need flooring services at a time when they actually need them. Few people are going to pay attention to an ad for a flooring company at moments when they aren't looking for one, but by the time they've realized they need one, your company will have to face off against every competitor in the book just to get their attention. Unless, of course, you head them off with some of our promotional products.

Where normal ads only have a second or two to catch the attention of potential customers, promotional items have weeks or even months to do the same job. A home or property owner who wasn't quite ready to hire a flooring service when they first received your item might well call you a month or two later. The longer the recipient uses the item, the more familiar they'll become with your company name. It won't take very long for your flooring company to become the prime flooring company in their minds, even if they weren't making any conscious effort to remember you.

What sorts of items do we carry that work well for flooring companies? Nearly any item you expect your target audience to use regularly can be effective, and items like mugs, pens, and sticky notes are some of our most popular choices. Stress relievers are another item that companies have had good success with, being typically kept on a desk and handled frequently. If you'd like a promotional product that emphasizes the link between your company and the services you provide, we have a sizable number of house-shaped promotional items that are ideal for this purpose, as well as a good number of small promotional tools like tape measures or miniature hammers. We have products that are perfect for any possible recipient, whether you're looking for something for trade show attendees, new customers, or someone else entirely.

Making your company the first one on people's minds when they need flooring services doesn't have to be complicated. JH Studios has all the products you'll need to ensure your success.