The hardest part of gaining customers for an auto repair business isn't finding people who need auto repair services, it's convincing them to pick your company to provide them. People don't want to have to sift through dozens of possible auto repair services in the middle of a crisis; they just want to get their cars in working order as quickly as they can. Because of this, you'll find that the vast majority of people will simply choose the first and most convenient auto repair company they can, and if you'd like that company to be yours, then you're going to need to put your company in their minds well before they actually need you. Out of all the advertising methods available, promotional products are by far the most effective at getting your auto repair company to the front of the list.

There are two reasons for this, and they're both very simple. The first is that promotional items expose potential customers to your logo repeatedly over time, getting them familiar with your company before they're actually in need of car repair services. The second is that printing your contact information on promotional items gives customers an immediate way to contact you when they actually need you. If your promotional item is in the car with them when a crisis hits, they're far more likely to simply call your company than to go hunting for someone else. Items that people keep with them in their cars make the best auto repair promotional items for just this reason, with air fresheners, ice scrapers, and flashlights being some of the most consistently effective choices.

There are a few different ways to get your promotional items to those who need them. Giving promotional items to customers who come in to have their cars fixed is a very good strategy, since it makes them more likely to return to your business the next time they have problems. Car air fresheners are a fairly inexpensive promotional product that's certain to remain in the car, making them one of the best options for this strategy. They're also fairly flat and lightweight, making them good for mailing campaigns as well.

Ensuring that the name and contact information of your business is available when your customers need it is paramount for any auto repair company. If you'd like customers to think of your auto repair company before all the rest, JH Studios has more than a million promotional products that can easily make that possible.