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promotional wedding favorsEvery bride wants to have the perfect wedding, and the perfect wedding is nothing if not unique. If you truly want to have a wedding that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives, it's absolutely essential that every single thing about the event reflects you and your future husband-to-be as much as it possibly can, whether it's the invitations, decorations, or the wedding favors. Personalized wedding favors are one of the most effective ways to set your wedding apart from the crowd, and they are truly the only way to ensure that all of your guests remember your particular wedding even five, ten, or twenty years after the fact. The sheer variety of custom wedding favors available today is absolutely staggering, so no matter what type of couple you are or what type of wedding you intend to hold, there are a whole slew of incredible ways to customize your wedding favors.

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Every single aspect of your wedding can be fully customized, but many brides find it simplest to begin with the food and drink served at the reception. It's possible to customize everything from forks and spoons to plates and dishes, but personalized champagne glasses and wine glasses are easily one of the most popular ways to go about it. A nice personalized champagne flute not only adds to the decorations at your reception, but also makes a perfect souvenir for your guests to take home with them afterwards. Personalized stemless wine glasses are especially popular with new brides, since they eliminate any possible frustration with broken stems on your wedding day.

Champagne and wine are the most common drinks served at weddings, but you can also find a fantastic assortment of personalized beer steins, personalized shot glasses, personalized martini glasses, personalized Mason jar mugs, and many other personalized beverage containers if you intend to serve something else. Personalized beer bottles and soda bottles are great custom wedding favors to send home with your guests, and many versions can be customized not only with the name of the bride and groom, but a personalized photo as well.

Edible and drinkable favors like these are always well received, and fortunately, it's just as easy to customize treats like candy, cookies, and nuts as it is beer or soda bottles. Personalized jam jars, honey jars, or candy jars offer a delicious treat for your guests, while also providing a physical souvenir in the form of the jar, which can be kept long after the contents are gone. In many cases, the candies and cookies can also be customized, so if you'd like to have personalized chocolate bars or candy hearts with your names printed into the candy itself, it can be done very easily, and it's certain to be memorable.

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Food and drink may be some of the most popular custom printed wedding favors available, but they're far from the only ones. Personalized T-shirts, hats, key chains, and tote bags are always popular souvenirs at any event, and they can easily be customized with any name, quote, or image you like. If you're holding a summer wedding, gifts like personalized can coolers, sunglasses, sunscreen, or flip-flops are bound to be a big hit with your crowd, while personalized bath and beauty products like body wash and shampoo will be appreciated at any time of year. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what can be personalized for your wedding, so go ahead and pick whatever custom gifts you think they would enjoy!

Whatever specific wedding favors you eventually decide on, the important thing is that you make them uniquely you. With fully personalized wedding favors, your wedding will truly be one to remember.

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Article by Mirtha Holland


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