Corporate Branded Holiday Gifts


Corporate Holiday Gifts 2019

Custom Printed Promotional Gifts for Clients & Employees

No business should overlook the benefits of spreading holiday cheer while showing your customers and employees how much you appreciate them.  With thoughtful personalized holiday gifts like gift baskets, chocolates, executive gifts, ornaments and countless other logo imprinted items, you'll show them that they are in your thoughts this holiday season while building brand recognition.  Below are some ideas as well as helpful information to use when selecting your business holiday gift items.  If you don't find what you're looking for on this page, please use the search box to the right.  We have nearly a million promotional items to choose from all in one place!

Holiday Gift Basket

Epicurean Feast
As low as: $85.10

Corky Coffee & More Gift Set w/Cork Bottom Mug
As low as: $16.77

Wrapping Paper, Pre-Cut 20x29" Sheets
As low as: $0.95

Soft Polyester Satin Ribbon (3/8")
As low as: $36.12

Shelf-Stable Wisconsin Variety Package with Bamboo Cutting Board
As low as: $45.54

Sublimated Holiday Ribbon
As low as: $1.22

Camper Cocoa Kit w/Hot Cocoa
As low as: $5.81

Entertainer Gift Basket
As low as: $67.90

3 Piece Bento Box Gift Set w/16 Oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler
As low as: $20.50

Sweater Mug Gift Set w/Hot Cocoa & Cookies
As low as: $18.66

Joey & Riviera S'mores Gift Set w/Bottle & Tumbler
As low as: $36.34

Winter Delights
As low as: $59.30

Toffee & Jumbo Cashews in Wooden Collector's Box
As low as: $28.34

Camper Smores Kit w/Camping Mug
As low as: $11.61

Joey & Riviera Peppermint Gift Set w/Bottle & Tumbler
As low as: $36.55

Holiday Gift Basket

Using Holiday Gifts to Promote Your Business

One of the most important parts of creating a successful business is building a relationship with customers. While new customers are always important, successful businesses never forget to cultivate a strong base of returning customers or clients who will use their services repeatedly. There are many ways to go about this, but promotional holiday gifts in particular are a great way to show your customers that you remember them and value their business, while also reminding them of your business at the same time.

There are a huge number of possibilities when it comes to what promotional holiday gifts to give your customers, but just about every business giving out holiday gifts uses some form of custom printed business holiday greeting cards. Getting cards printed up with a holiday message and the logo of your business on them is easy to do, and the cards themselves can be sent either alone or with other gifts. There are tons of different holidays throughout the year, so holiday cards offer a wide range of opportunities to reach out to customers.

Holiday cards are great for reaching a large number of customers with a simple gift. However, many businesses are more interested in targeting smaller number of customers or clients with larger executive gifts. Individual logo imprinted holiday gifts are great as corporate gifts, but gift baskets are even more effective for promotional purposes. They're always appropriate, and they can be filled with any number of promotional gifts for the recipient.

These gifts can be anything from tech toys to bath products, but food is always a popular choice. You can buy baskets filled with all the foods people love to get as gifts, like candy, chocolate, nuts, or gourmet popcorn, but in this case with the logo of your business printed on each of the individual containers in the basket, as well as on the basket itself. This means that as the recipient goes through the food in the basket, they'll see the logo of your business every time they take a bite.

No matter which type of gift you choose, promotional holiday gifts will be always welcomed by the recipient. Your customers will know that you appreciate them, and they'll think of your business every time they see the gift.


USB Flash Drives


Holiday Ornament

3¼" USA-Made Round Glossy Shatterproof Ornament
As low as: $1.96

3" Satin Finish Flat Shatterproof Ornament
As low as: $1.43

Round Ornament
As low as: $1.42

Shatter Resistant Flat Round Ornament
As low as: $1.23

3" USA-Made Flat Shatterproof Ornament
As low as: $1.29

3¼" Traditional Satin Finish Glass Ornament
As low as: $2.38

Flat Shatterproof Ornament
As low as: $1.64

Round Disk Ornament
As low as: $1.11

Light-Up Glass Ornament
As low as: $3.01

Snow Globe Shaped Holiday Ornament
As low as: $2.54

Circle Ornament
As low as: $9.67

3¼" Round Satin Finish Shatterproof Ornament
As low as: $2.08

3.5" - Assorted Hardwood Ornaments - Bark Edge - Laser Engraved - USA-Made
As low as: $3.32

Display w/ Pride Economy Holiday Cards
As low as: $0.48

3 1/4" Promotional Shatterproof Round Ornaments with Pad Print
As low as: $1.98

Holiday Ornament