Personalized Hand Sanitizers




personalized hand sanitizerPublic awareness has been raised regarding the spreading of germs. Sneezing or Coughing into your elbow, as well as, keeping your hands clean is one of the ways of protecting against the spread of germs and viruses. Identifying Cups and Other Drinking Items with Beverage ID Tags or writing your name on the cup, saves waste and helps prevent the sharing of germs and viruses. Washing your hands often is extremely important. But what do you do when you have no sink or water to use? You're probably familiar with Hand Sanitizers, those little bottles of gel that you can carry around easily.
Here Are Just Some of Our Many Promotional Hand Sanitizers:

Hand Sanitizer Gel

Clip-It 1 oz Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $1.27

Square Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel
As low as: $0.73

Cozy Clip 0.5 oz Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $1.08

1 Oz. Protectâ„¢ Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $1.25

2 Oz. Hand Sanitizer Gel w/Carabiner
As low as: $1.36

Gel Go 1.0 Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $1.27

1.8 oz Hand Sanitizer Gel w/ Handi-Clip
As low as: $1.85

1 oz Tottle Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $0.97

Tottle Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel w/Carabiner 2 Oz.
As low as: $1.17

Cozy Clip 1 oz Moisture Bead Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $1.27

1 Oz. Hand Sanitizer w/Removable Silicone Carabiner
As low as: $1.55

Advanced Caliber GEL Hand Sanitizer 1 Gallon Bottle 72% Alcohol USA Made
As low as: $24.94

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel (2 Oz.) in Round Bottle
As low as: $1.34

"SanPal Sleeve" .5 oz Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Gel in Clip-On Neoprene Sleeve Cover
As low as: $1.51

Amore 1 oz. Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $1.72

Hand Sanitizer Gel

The Business Marketing Value of Personalized Hand Sanitizers

Finding the right promotional product for a business can be difficult at times. To maximize the effectiveness of the product, it's often important to choose an item that the recipient will use regularly, but that won't be in competition with an item they have already. Promotional hand sanitizers offer the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Anyone who spends a large amount of time around other people has a use for hand sanitizer, whether they're working in an office, a school, or somewhere else. It's particularly in demand during flu season, when many people simply apply it habitually throughout the day. Because of this, even those who already have hand sanitizer of their own will welcome logo printed hand sanitizers, since they're sure to need more of it soon anyway. In the same way, this also makes custom printed hand sanitizer gel one of the few promotional products that can be given more than once to the same recipient while still being appreciated.

But promotional hand sanitizers aren't just good for customers. They're good for the employees of a business as well. A bought of the flu can cause a serious loss in productivity, especially if it spreads through the business, leading to a wave of people needing to take sick days all at the same time. Having bottles of hand sanitizer available for employees is an easy way to limit the spread of disease in general, preventing this problem before it even before it starts. Using logo printed hand sanitizers will also remind workers that the business they work for does care about their health.

The custom hand sanitizers themselves come in a good range of shapes and colors, enough to work with any possible logo. The sanitizer itself can come in pump, gel tube, or spray form, and some types even come with a metal loop allowing it to be fastened to a belt or bag. It's one of the most portable types of promotional items, and many people make a point of carrying hand sanitizer wherever they go.

Promotional hand sanitizers are both practical and extremely beneficial to those who use them, while also being great advertisement for the businesses who give them away. They're an ideal way to promote good health and good business at the same time.


Are Your Hands Clean?

Hand Sanitizers
Don't Touch My Food with Germy Hands!

Custom Hand Sanitizers
Are You Sure Your Hands Are Clean?
Sanitize Your Hands After Washing.


Hand Sanitizers can be carried in a pocket, purse, car glove compartment or any automotive storage area, book bag, or any other convenient location. With all these little hand sanitizers bottles being carried around, wouldn't it be a great place to advertise your business, school, or organization? Well it can be, call JH Studios about getting your logo, message, or custom design on some hand sanitizers. We can also do the artwork for you at a reasonable cost.
Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottles:

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Clipper Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $0.84

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer 0.33 Oz. Full Color
As low as: $0.78

Advanced Caliber Premium Liquid Hand Sanitizer 1 Gallon Refill (80% Alcohol)
As low as: $25.80

10 mL. CleanZ Pen Sanitizer
As low as: $1.66

20ml Hand Sanitizer Spray
As low as: $1.05

Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $0.84

10ml Hand Sanitizer Spray
As low as: $0.74

10 ML Hand Sanitizer Spray
As low as: $0.77

Stick Spray Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $0.82

Credit Card 0.68 oz Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $1.23

8 ml Hand Sanitizer Spray
As low as: $1.14

Rectangle Credit Card Style Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray
As low as: $1.04

0.33 Oz. Hand Sanitizer Spray Bottle
As low as: $0.82

1 oz Spray Hand Sanitizer
As low as: $0.95

18 mL. Credit Card Style Hand Sanitizer Spray
As low as: $1.66

Hand Sanitizer Spray