Nearly anyone in business could use a personalized diary.  They are great for promotions and for company giveaways for employees.  You can put your logo or custom message on them.  They will look great on your customers' desks and broadcast your message when they are out and about.  Still cannot find what you need?  The search box on this page can help you find other items.


Conclave Refillable Leatherette Journal
As low as: $4.24

Hardcover Notebook & Pen Set
As low as: $1.64

Zenith Hardcover Journal
As low as: $2.84

Recycle Write Notebook & Pen
As low as: $1.51

Dovana Journal™ - Large (7"x10") Refillable
As low as: $14.86

Pedova™ Journal - Large (7"x9.5")
As low as: $9.88

Council Textured Journal with Phone + Pen Holder
As low as: $2.80

Classic Cover Series 1 - Medium NoteBook (7"x10")
As low as: $6.31

SoftPedova™ Journal (5.5"x8.25")
As low as: $5.06

Twill Heathered Journal
As low as: $2.48

Hardcover Notebook with Pouch
As low as: $1.83

Sticky Book
As low as: $1.12

Think Green Recycled Notepad & Pen
As low as: $1.15

Ambassador™ Journal (5.5"x8.25")
As low as: $4.89

Sticky Flag Jotter
As low as: $1.38


Logo Personalized Diaries Make a Thoughtful Gift

Organization is one of the main keys to having a successful business, and it's often generally important in daily life as well.  There are many different ways to keep track of appointments, deadlines, and other important dates, but a good old-fashioned paper diary is still one of the simplest and most widely used.  As a general rule, people need a new diary at the beginning of each year, making them very receptive to the promotional diaries many companies choose to provide.

Logo imprinted diaries have the same level of quality as the standard diaries you might find in an office supply store, but they're naturally customized with the logo of your company as well.  There are both promotional desk diaries and promotional pocket diaries, and within each type there are even more individual sizes to choose from.  Most have an attractive leather cover in either black or brown, with the logo being stamped or printed in the center of the front cover.

Most people have a use for either a desk diary or a pocket diary, making them good gifts for just about any customer base, but particularly for business people or those who like to stay organized.  Since most people invariably need new diaries when a new year arrives, custom diaries work especially well as gifts during either November or December.  Giving them during this time frame makes it less likely that the recipients will have already bought their diaries for the upcoming year, and this makes them more likely to simply use the one you've provided them with.  In general, most people will be happy not to have to buy a new diary with their own money.

Logo personalized diaries are one promotional product that people are actually fairly eager to receive.  They fill in a need that most people will have anyway, and if the timing is correct, they may well end up being used by the majority of those who receive them.


promotional diaries  


Executive Diary

Dovana Journal™ - Large (7"x10") Refillable
As low as: $14.86

Pedova™ Journal - Large (7"x9.5")
As low as: $9.88

Ambassador™ Journal (5.5"x8.25")
As low as: $4.89

Hampton™ Padfolio (7"x9") - Refillable
As low as: $13.73

Eco ColorPop™ Journal (5.5"x8.5")
As low as: $5.15

SlimLine Color™- NotePad (ValueLine) (5"x7")
As low as: $3.41

Siena Journal (5.5"x8.5")
As low as: $7.73

Ambassador™ Journal w/ Full-Color Tip-In (5.5"x8.25")
As low as: $6.59

Ultra Notes Black Executive Cover w/ PVC Finish
As low as: $1.25

SlimLine Color™ - Large Jotter (ValueLine) (4"x6")
As low as: $2.82

NEW! Walton Charging Refillable Journal (5.75" x 8.75")
As low as: $12.89

SlimLine Color™ - NotePad w/PenPort & Pen (ValueLine) (5"x7")
As low as: $4.18

Pedova™Wire Journal w/PenPort (7"x10")
As low as: $9.02

Large Ambassador™ Journal (8.5"x11.5")
As low as: $8.84

Pedova™ Journal - Small (5"x7")
As low as: $8.59

Executive Diary