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Not just businesses like Auto Parts Stores, Car Dealers, Insurance Agents, Auto Detailers, Mechanics or Auto Repair Shops can benefit from promotional air fresheners.  Promotional business air fresheners will benefit Dry Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaner, Pool Supply, Salons and Tanning Booths and many other specialty shops, even Music or Dance Studios!  After all, doesn't nearly everyone drive a car!  You can put your promotional business information on them.  If you can't what you're looking for on this page use our convenient search box above to find more air fresheners or any other product.  We have literally hundreds of thousands to choose from!


Hot Rod™ Car Vent Air Freshener
As low as: $1.08

Paper Air Fresheners - Custom Shape
As low as: $1.25

Crypton Disinfectant & Deodorizer - EPA Approved
As low as: $7.70

Paper Air Freshener Tag W/ Tab - Circle
As low as: $0.78

Rectangle Vivid Vent™ Air Freshener
As low as: $1.25

Vehicle Vent Clip Freshener
As low as: $0.99

Auto Fresh USB Car Charger
As low as: $2.14

Electronic Diffuser with Two Essential Oil 15 Ml. Dropper Bottles in Gift Box
As low as: $44.53

Febreze® CAR™ Vent Clip, Linen & Sky scent, Standard
As low as: $3.01

Tek-Scents Air Freshener
As low as: $1.08

AdScents™ Car Air Freshener
As low as: $2.06

Febreze® CAR™ Vent Clip, Linen & Sky scent, Clamshell Upgrade
As low as: $3.09

Paper Air Freshener - Full Color House Shaped Tag
As low as: $0.78

Lanyards, 1/2" Polyester
As low as: $0.38

Custom Shape Paper Air Freshener
As low as: $0.21


Freshen Up Your Marketing with Promotional Air Fresheners

Given how much time we all spend in our cars, it's unsurprising to see that cars are becoming more and more comfortable.  Seats are getting cushier, air conditioning is getting better, and some cars even come with built in TVs for passengers.  However, as great as these improvements are, cars are still small, confined spaces that accumulate unpleasant smells very easily.  Every car owner has to deal with these smells in some way, and that makes any car owner the perfect target for personalized air fresheners.

Personalized air fresheners all perform the same basic task equally well, with the shape and appearance being the main difference between them.  Promotional car air fresheners can be customized with just about any different shape or size, so it's possible to find one that will go with any type of business.  In addition to trees, animals, houses, and geometric shapes, cars and car-related shapes like tires are naturally very common choices.

Out of all promotional items, personalized car air fresheners actually make some of the best general giveaways, for a couple of very simple reasons.  The first is that anyone with a car has a use for one.  The second is that there's an obvious place to put them in any car.  Businesses that deal directly with customer's cars, such as mechanics, can simply slip them into position before they return the car.  Most customers will simply leave the air freshener in place when they see it, and few are likely to go out of their way to immediately throw it out.

Non-car-related businesses have almost as much of an advantage when using promotional air fresheners, though they don't generally have access to customers' cars.  However, most car owners tend to drive to the businesses they visit, meaning that they're very likely to be in their cars right after they receive their air fresheners, and simply putting the air freshener where it's intended to go is a very natural thing to do.

Promotional air fresheners are the simplest way to get the logo of any business into customers' cars.  If you'd like the customers of your business seeing your logo every time they drive, there's no promotional item more able to make it happen.


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